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760 CMR - Housing and Community Development, Department of (formerly the Department of Community Affairs)

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760 CMR 1.00 - 11.00

General Administration of Local Housing Authorities; Eligibility and Selection Criteria; Occupancy Standards and Tenant Participation for State-aided Housing; Privacy and Confidentiality; Modernization and Development of State-aided Public Housing. $6.15

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760 CMR 12.00 - 24.00

Urban Renewal Regulations; Lead Paint Abatement Loan Program; Mass. Capital Improvement & Preservation Fund; Facilities Consolidation Loan Fund; Tax Increment Financing; Housing Innovations Fund; Massachusetts Housing Stabilization Fund. $4.35

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760 CMR 25.00 - 27.00

Securing Approval of Projects under M.G.L. c. 121a in Cities and Towns Outside of Boston; Relocation Assistance. $1.75

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760 CMR 28.00 - 50.00

Community Services Block Grant Program; Participation of Non-profit Corporations in the Chapter 705 Family Housing Program; Department of Mental Health Rental Subsidy Program; Affirmative Action Regulations Governing Recipients of EOCD/DCA Financial Assiatance; Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program. $3.15

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760 CMR 51.00 - 68.00

Alternative Housing Voucher Program; Massachusetts Low-income Housing Tax Credit Program; Comprehensive Permit; Low or Moderate Income Housing; Urban Center Housing Tax Increment Financing (UCH-TIF) Program; Smart Growth Zoning Overlay District; Community Based Housing and Community Development:Data Collection for Government Assisted Housing in Massachusetts; Public Housing Innovation Demonstration Program; Publicly-Assisted Affordable Housing Preservation Program; The Massachusetts Short-Term Housing Transition Program; Housing Development Incentive Program-Chapter 40V; Eligibility for Emergency Assistance; Community Investment Grant & Tax Credit Program. $15.75