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540 CMR - Motor Vehicles, Registry of

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540 CMR 1.00 - 30.00

Motor Vehicle Regulations; Annual Safety & Combined Safety & Emissions Inspection of All Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Semi-trailers; and Converter Dollies; Alteration of Motor Vehicle Height; Minimum Standards for Construction and Equipment of School Buses; School Bus Driver Training Programs and School Bus Driving Instructors; Conduct of Hearings within the Registry of Motor Vehicles; License Suspensions and Hearings Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 90, §§ 24(1)(f) and (g); Inspection of Restored Salvage Motor Vehicles; International Registration Plan Implementation Regulations; Motor Carrier Safety and Hazardous Material Transportation; Specifications for Vehicle Manufacturer’s Certificates of Origin; Minimum Specifications for Repair Facilities of a Class 2 Used Motor Vehicle Dealers to Make Repairs under Warranty; Issuance of Disability Plates and Placards; Minimum Standards for the Issuance and Use of General Registrations and General Registration Numbers Plates Issued Under the Provisions of MGL c.90 sect.5; Removal of Certificate of Inspection by Licensed Auto Damage Appraisers; Suspension of a Person's License & right to Operate a Motor Vehicle as a Result of a Violation of a Controlled Substance Act; Semiannual Safety Inspection of School Pupil Transport Vehicles; Miscellaneous Motor Vehicle & Trailer Equipment & Operations Requirements; Licensing, Certification & Operating Requirements for Driving Instructors & Driving Schools; Medical Qualifications for Operators of Motor Vehicles; Plow & Hitching Mechanisms; Compliance; Regulation of Motor Vehicle Idling on School Grounds; Amphibious sight-seeing motor vehicles; Annual Inspection of TNC Vehicles. $15.75