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523 CMR - Boxing Commission, State

523 CMR 1.00 - 23.00

General Provisions; Licensing and Registration; Medical Advisory Board; Identification Cards; Contracts and Financial Arrangements; Arranging and Promoting Programs of Unarmed Combat; Tickets and Admissions; Facilities Equipment and Supplies; Weight Classes,Weigh-Ins, Pre and Post Fight Physical Examinations and Medical Conditions; General Requirements for All Unarmed Combat Contests and Exhibitions; Boxing Contests and Exhibitions; Mixed Martial Arts Contests and Exhibitions; Unarmed Combat Contests and Exhibitions Other Than Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts;Special Rules for Female Unarmed Combatants; Amateur Contests and Exhibitions; Prohibited Acts; Disciplinary Actions; Disciplinary Proceedings; State Championship Program; Southeast Asian Kickboxing. $6.15