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330 CMR - Agricultural Resources, Department of

330 CMR 1.00 - 31.00

Shipment of Dogs into the Commonwealth; Cattle; Poultry; Seeds, Apples and Potatoes; Fairs; Apiary Inspection; Plant Quarantines; Prevention of the Spread of Rabies; Porcine Animals; Licensing and Operation of Pet Shops; Pet Food; Manufacture, Sale and Distribution of Commercial Feed - Other than Pet Food; Commercial Fertilizer and Lime; Horses; Land Use; Operation of a Guard Dog Business; Supervision of Milk Pricing and Supply; Algriultural Preservation Restriction Programs; Agricultural Composting Program; Standards and Sanitation Requirements for Grade a Raw Milk; Milk and Milk Products; Dairy Farmer Tax Credit Program; Plant Nutrient Application Requirements for Agricultural Land & Land Not Used for Agricultural Purposes.  $13.15