State Bookstore Catalog

211 CMR - Insurance, Division of

211 CMR 1.00 - 39.00

Motorcycle Insurance; Financial Surveillance of Massachusetts Insurance Holding Company System; Investments of Officers, Directors, and Principal Stockholders of Domestic Stock Insurance Companies; Nationwide Marine Definitions; Insurance on Outboard Motors and Motor boats - Ocean Marine or Inland Marine; Proxies, Consents and Authorization of Domestic Stock Insurers; Statistical Plans; Petitions for the Adoption, Amendment or Repeal of Regulations; Audits of Insurers by Independent Certified Public Accountants; Risk-based Capital (RBC) for Insurers; Audits of Insurers by Independent Certified Public Accountants for the Years Ending 1991 and After; Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships; Minimum Amount of Liability Insurance; Reinsurance of Property and Casualty Rrisks by Life Insurers; Life Insurance Solicitation Regulation; Use of Gender-bended and Smoker/Nonsmoker Mortality Tables; The Replacement of Life Insurance and Annuities; The Use of Aids-related Information for Life and Health. $15.75

211 CMR 40.00 - 49.00

Marketing of Insured Health Plans; Non-group Health Insurance Rate and Policy Filings, Review, and Hearing Procedures under M.G.L. c. 176M; The Form and Contents of Individual Accident and Sickness Insurance; Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs); Confidentiality of Bids Submitted for Restricted Pharmacy Network Contracts to Facilitate the Implementation of M.G.L. c. 176D, s.3B; Establishment of Service Fee to Agents and Brokers Assisting Employers in Obtaining Workmen's Compensation Insurance; Maternity Health Care Coverage. $6.15

211 CMR 50.00 - 69.00

Continuing Education for Insurance Agents and Brokers; Preferred Provider Arrangements (PPAs) and Preferred Provider Plans; Managed Care Consumer Protections and Accreditation of Carriers; Procedure for Surrender and Non-renewal of Licenses by Insurers Authorized to Write Motor Vehicle Insurance; Accelerated Benefit Product Issued by Life Insurers; Reductions in Premium Charges for Private Passenger Motor Vehicle Insurance for Insurers Electing Optional Participating Repair Shop Endorsement Plans; Young Adult Health Benefit Plans; Definitions of Qualified Medical Insurance for M.G.L. c.118e, s.9C; Long-term Care Insurance; Small Group Health Insurance; Worker's Compensation Self-insurance Groups. $11.35

211 CMR 70.00 - 76.00

Memorandum of Order Relative to the Establishment of a Statistical Plan (Massachusetts Automobile Statistical Plan) Medicare Supplement Insurance and Evidences of Coverage Issued Pursuant to a Risk or Cost Contract -- to Facilitate the Implementation of M.G.L. c. 176K and the Social Security Act Amendments of 1994; Standards of Fault to Be Used by the Board of Appeal on Motor Vehicle Liability Policies and Bonds and Insurers in Determining the Application of Surcharges; Procedures for Reporting the Theft of Motor Vehicle. $7.85

211 CMR 77.00 - 89.00

Procedures for the Conduct of Proceedings on Fixed-and-Established Private Passenger Motor Vehicle Insurance Rates; Procedures Concerning Rate Filings and the Conduct of Hearings for Motor Vehicle Insurance; Private Passenger Motor Vehicle Insurance Rates; Reductions in Premium Charges for Private Passenger Motor Vehicles Equipped with an Anti-theft Mechanism; Procedures for the Appeal of Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) Motor Vehicle Accident Surcharges and for Conduct of SDIP Motor Vehicle Accident Surcharge Hearings. $3.15

211 CMR 90.00 - 155.00

Legal Services Plans; Motor Vehicle Insurance Rates; Safe Driver Insurance Plan; Requirements Regarding Referrals to Motor Vehicle Glass Repair Shops; Cost and Expense Containment for Motor Vehicle Insurers; Manditory Pre-insurance Inspection of Private Passenger Motor Vehicles; Variable Life Insurance; Consumer Protection in Annunity Transactions; Procedures for Cancellation and Non-Renewal of Motor Vehicle Insurance Policies; Procedures concerning rate filings made pursuant to M.G.L. c. 175c and the conduct of hearings on such filings; Procedures Concerning Rate Filings and the Conduct of Hearings for Workers' Compensation Insurance; Workers' Compensation Insurance Requirements Applicable to Employee Leasing Companies and Their Client Companies; Worker's Compensation Preferred Provider Arrangements; Requirements Regarding Workers' Compensation Insurance Deductibles; Requirements Applicable to Workers' Compensation Deductible Policies; Requirements Applicable to Workers' Compensation Deductible Policies; Procedures Concerning Rate Filings Made Pursuant to MGL c.176K & the Conduct of Hearings on Such Filings; Direct Payment of Motor Vehicle Collision & Comprehensive Coverage Claims & Referral Repair Shop Programs; Reductions in Premium Charges for Private Passenger Motor Vehicles & Certain Commercial Motor Vehicles Equipped With Certain Safety Features; Life & Health Reinsurance Agreements; Credit for Reinsurance; Requirements Applicable to Insurance on Liability for Injury from Exposure to Dangerous Levels of Lead in Dwelling Units; Actuarial Opinion & Memorandum Regulation; Standards for the Repair of Damaged Motor Vehicles; Safe Driver Insurance Plan; Procedures Concerning the Merger or Consolidation of Insurance Companies; Bank Insurance Sales; Credit Insurance Disclosure Regulations; Procedures for Review of & Public Hearings on Plans of Reorganization; Specified Disease Insurance; Methodology for Calculating & reporting Medical Loss Ratio(MLRs)of Health Benefit Plans; Registration & Reporting Requirements for Third-Party Administrators; Annual Comprehensive Financial Statements Pursuant to M.G.L. c.176O, s21; Standards & Commissioner's Authority for Placing Companies Deemed to be in Hazardous Financial Condition Under Admin. Supervision; Certified Group Purchasing Cooperatives; Health Benefit Plans Using Limited, Regional or Tiered Provider Networks; Continuity of Care Access to Comprehensive Cancer Centers, Pediatric Hospitals & Pediatric Specialty Units for Small Group Health Benefit Plans; Enforcement of Mental Health Parity; Risk-Bearing Provider Organizations. $21.70