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209 CMR - Banks and Loan Agencies, Division of

209 CMR 1.00- 58.00

Deposit of Securities for Safekeeping by State-chartered Banks and Credit Unions; Conduct of the Business of Collection Agencies;Small Loans,Sales Finance Companies and Insurance Premium Finance Companies; Small Loans Regulatory Board; Establishment and Operation of Electronic Branches of Financial Institutions and for the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Fund Transfers; Truth in Lending; Conversion by Co-operative Banks and Savings Banks from Mutual to Stock Form; Check Cashing Procedures for Certain Banks Required to Honor and Cash Certain Checks of Pensioners and Retirees; Unfair and Deceptive Practices in Consumer Transactions;The Licensing of Mortgage Loan Originators; The Licensing of Mortgage Lenders and Mortgage Brokers; Audit Requirements for Credit Unions; Licensing of Foreign Transmittal Agencies; The Licensing and Regulation of Check Cashers; Community Reinvestment; Licensee Record Keeping; Insurance Sales by Banks & Credit Unions; Parity with Federal Credit Unions; Credit Insurance Disclosure Requirements; Determination and Documentation of Borrower's Interest; Mortgage Lender Community Investment; Reverse Mortgage Loans; Foreclosure Prevention Options; Flood Insurance; Credit Union Branching. $19.25

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