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205 CMR - Gaming Commission, Massachusetts

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205 CMR 1.00 - 152.00

Harness horse racing; Horse racing;Greyhound racing; Pari-mutuel rules for horse racing, harness racing & greyhound racing; Simulcasting rules & regulations;Disposition rules & regulations for greyhound racing; Injury reporting rules & regulations for greyhound racing; Rules & regulations governing the awarding of economic assistance; Rules & regulations regarding the distribution of funds to purse accounts of licensees; The humane handling, care, treatment and transportation of racing greyhounds; Mass. gaming commission enforcement; Supplemental Licensure Procedures; MGL c.23K Adjudicatory Proceedings; Construction & Application; Access to Confidentiality of Commission Records; Delegation of Authority; Investigations & Enforcement Bureau; Information & Filings; Professional Practice; Community & Political Contributions; Issuance of Request for Category 1 and Category 2 License Applications; Phase 1 Application Requirements; Required Information & Applicant Cooperation; Fees; Phase 1 & New Qualifier Suitability Determination, Standards & Procedures; Persons Required to be Licensed or Qualified; Phase 1 Determination of Financial Stability; Phase 2 Administrative Proceedings; Phase 2 Application; Permitting Requirements; Licensing Fee; Capital Investment; Host Communities; Host Community Election Process; Surrounding Communities; Impacted Live entertainment Venues; Reopening Mitigation Agreements; Form of the Gaming License; Review of a Proposed Transfer of Interests; Conservators; Awarding of a New Gaming License; Discipline of a Gaming Licensee; Voluntary Self-Exclusion; Licensing & Registration of Employees, Vendors, Junket enterprises & Reps. & Labor Organizations; Monitoring of Project Construction & Licensee Requirements; Sale & Distribution of Alcoholic Beverages at Gaming Establishments; Gaming Schools; Uniform Standards of Accounting Procedures & internal controls; Continuing Disclosure & Reporting Obligations of Gaming Licensees; Gross Gaming Revenue Tax Remittance & Reporting; Surveillance of the Gaming Establishment; Regulatory Monitoring & Inspections; Gaming Devices & Electronic Gaming Equipment; Approval of Slot Machines & Electronic Gaming Equipment & Testing Laboratories; Possession of Slot Machines; Gaming Equipment; Uniform Standards & Rules of the Game; Race Horse Development Fund; Protection of Minors & Underage Youth; Requirements for the Operation & Conduct of Gaming; Individuals Excluded from a Gaming Establishment; Gaming Equipment. $38.50