State Bookstore Catalog

103 CMR - Corrections, Department of

103 CMR 1.00 - 411.00

News Media Relations; Inmate Case Records; Access to and Dissemination of Evaluative Information; Research and Evaluation; Inmate Property; Inmate Funds; Sentence Computation; Decutions from Sentence. $6.15


103 CMR 420.00 - 430.00

Classification; Departmental Segragation Units; Special Management; Phase Treatment Program; Inmate Discipline. $4.35


103 CMR 431.00 - 464.00

Observation of Behavior Reports; Selection Procedures for Cadre Positions; Correctional Industries; Transfer Procedures for the Massachusetts Treatment Center; International Transfer Policy; Furloughs; Employment Programs Outside a Correctional Institution: Work Release. $4.35


103 CMR 465.00 - 505.00

Education and Training Release; Religious Programs and Services; Avocation Program; Library Services; Inmate Mail; Telephone Access and Use; VIsiting Procedures; Volunteers and Volunteer Programs; Attorney Access at Massachusetts Correctional Institutions; Use of Force $7.85

103 CMR 506.00 - 979.00

Access to Therapeutic Diets and Medical Care; County Correctional Facilities - General Provisions; Application of Standards; Definitions; Administration of Standards; Enforcement Procedures; Planning Procedure for New Construction and Renovation; Administration and Management; Budget and Fiscal Management; Personnel; Management Information System; Research; Inmate Records; Physical Plant; Security and Control; Special Management Inmates; Food Services; Medical Services; Legal RIghts; Inmate Services and Programs; Admission, Orientation, Property Control and Release; Classification; Inmate Rules and Discipline; Inmate Work Programs; Mail and Communication; Visiting; Release Preparation and Temporary Release; Safety and Emergency Standards; Sanitation and Hygiene; Volunteers and CItizen Involvement $11.35