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101 CMR - Health and Human Services,
Executive Office of

101 CMR 1.00 - 19.00

Transitional Planning Services; Pilot Program of Nutritional Assistance; Criminal Offender Records Check; Personal Data Use & Permitted Disclosures By & Among the EOHHS & Its Agencies; Unified Planning Teams; Workplace Violence Prevention & Crisis Response Plan. $3.15

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101 CMR 100.00 - 199.00

Rate & Charge Determination for Certain Intermediate Care Facilities Operated by the Dept. of Developmental Services. $1.05

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101 CMR 200.00 - 299.00

Rates of Payment to Resident Care Facilities; Standard Payments to Nursing Facilities. $3.15

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101 CMR 300.00 - 399.00

Rates for Community Health Centers; Rate of Payment for Mental Health Services Provided in Community & Mental Health Centers; Independent Living Services for the Personal Care Attendant Program; Adult Day Health Services;Family Planning Services; Rates for Freestanding Clinics Providing Abortion & sterilization Services Vision Care Services & Ophthalmic Materials;Medicine;Clinical Laboratory Services; Hearing Aid Dispensers; Chiropractic Services; Prescribed Drugs; Prostheses, Prosthetic Devices and Orthotic Devices; Chronic Maintenance Dialysis Treatments & Home dialysis Supplies Hospice Services; Temporary Nursing Services; Rates for Certain Substance Abuse Programs; Day Habilitation Program Services;Rates for Early Intervention Program services; Adult Foster Care;Rates for Payment for Certain Children's Behavioral Health Services; Rates for Money Follows the Person Demonstration Services; Rates for Money Follows the Person Waiver Services; Rates of Payment for Applied Behavior Analysis. $23.60

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101 CMR 400.00 - 428.00

Rates for Competitive Integrated Employment Services;Rates for Certain Placement and Support Services; Rates for Family Transitional Support Services; Payments for Youth Intermediate-Term Stabilization services; Rates for Family Stabilization Services; Rates for community-Based Day support Services; Rates for Clubhouse Services; Rates for Certain Elder Care Services; Payments for Youth Short-Term Stabilization & Emergency Placement Services; Rates for Supported Employment Services; Rates for Adult Long Term Residential Services; Rates for Adult Housing & Community Support Services; General Programs-Disability Services; Rates for Certain In-Home Basic Living Services; Rates for Certain Developmental & Support Services; Rates for Certain Young Parent Support Programs; Rates for Certain Independent Living Communities & Services. $9.65

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101 CMR 613.00 - 614.00

Health Safety Net Eligible Services; Health Safety Net Payments & Funding. $4.35