Franklin District Registry of Deeds

Old Indexes

Records prior to 1958 are not available online and can only be accessed at the Registry of Deeds office. Documents can be searched in our indexes going back to 1787. Prior to that year, Franklin County was part of Hampshire County. Summaries of documents recorded prior to 1787 can be found in our Hampshire Abstracts.

If you are performing a search for a particular year that is not available online, you can request copies from our old indexes, in the event you are not able to come to the Registry in person. We cannot perform a title search for you, however, if you have a specific name and year, we can provide you with a photocopy of the relevant page(s) from the appropriate Grantor and/or Grantee index volume. The information and an invoice for the photocopy fee will be forwarded to you by mail. The charge for photocopies is $1 per page.

Send requests by mail to:

Franklin County Registry of Deeds
P.O. Box 1495
Greenfield, MA 01302-1495

By Phone to: 413-772-0239

By Fax to: 413-774-7150