Southern Berkshire District
Registry of Deeds

Requirement Checklist for Document Recording

All documents must be legible and signed with an original signature or be legible, certified true-attested copy. If required, they must be notarized, and the signer and notary’s name must be printed under the signature. The expiration date for the notary must be noted and must be legible.


Grantee's address must appear on all deeds, mortgages, and assignment of mortgages.


Do not highlight any document text.


No document containing a social security number will be accepted for recording. Do not put personal identification numbers on any document to be recorded.


Margins on all sides of all document pages must be of sufficient size to be legibly reproduced on standard Registry scanners.


All document pages and attachments must be on paper that is no larger than 8.5 inches x 14 inches.


Printing shall be on one side only; double-sided pages will not be accepted.


Multi-page documents must be stapled.


The first page of all document pages must contain a “recording information area” in the upper right hand corner of the document that is free from all writing or printing. If the document does not contain a “recording information area”, an official Registry Document Cover Sheet must be attached. To view and print the Document Cover Sheet click on the link below:

Document Cover Sheet (Fillable PDF,40k)


Property address must be put in the left margin for all deeds, mortgages, and mortgage discharges unless the address appears on the first page of the document.


The document must specify whether it is registered land and is to be recorded in Land Court.


If the document refers to attached exhibits, the exhibits must be attached and included at the end of the document. If the description is by exhibit, it should be attached as the last page.


Attachments are not allowed. A document that is recordable on it own will be recorded separately.


The "re-recording" of an original document to correct an error or omission is prohibited.


Addresses and telephone numbers must be noted on all checks.


Checks for recording fees must be in the exact amount and should be payable to the "Commonwealth of Massachusetts".


If the document is mailed, a self-addressed, stamped envelope must be included.

Land Court

All Grantors names must appear as they do on the Certificate of Title.

Lot and Plan numbers must appear as they do on their Certificate of Title, and you must refer to the most recent plan

Other requirements may be required. Please check with Recording Clerk.

The documents will not be accepted for recording unless the foregoing requirements are met. There will be no exceptions.