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Education/Arts: Occupational-Vocational-Technical Education

E15 Career and Technical Education
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
75 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148 4906
Tel: 781-338-3910
Fax: 781-338-3950

This office oversees programming and disposition of all federal funds for occupational education at secondary and post-secondary levels and for other state and federal occupational education programs and activities for adults and students. It develops standards and programs for integrated academic and vocational development, youth apprenticeship, technical preparation, school-to-work transition, and postsecondary preparation. It is responsible for licensing and supervising private proprietary schools including private business schools, private trade schools, and private correspondence schools. The office also provides information concerning subsidized vocational schools and has pamphlets describing the various programs offered in English and Spanish. It seeks to strengthen community involvement and business partnerships. It reviews required vocational program plans and manages the Massachusetts Transitional Initiative for students with disabilities.

The School to Career "Cluster" has been formed to assist school personnel in developing high-quality career pathways and vocational-technical programs that prepare students for success in postsecondary education and careers that reflect the high standards of the Education Reform Act. The new cluster merges the School to Employment Services Cluster with the Office of School to Career. The merger provides additional opportunities for staff collaboration in program and professional development. A School to Work partnership is a commitment from many sectors of the community including: employers, teachers, parents, students, labor organizations and community groups: teachers and employers develop a curriculum that connects school and work experiences; graduates attain high-skills and knowledge about several industries increasing their future employability; and employers hire from a pool of skilled workers by filling positions with recent graduates experienced at the position. The Commonwealth's 16 regional employment boards shape policy and allocate resources for workforce development programs, as well as design long-term, strategic-plans for developing a school-to-work system. The local partnerships deliver a school-to-work system to the community.

Tech Prep is a program of study for students which begins in high school, continues at a postsecondary institution and culminates in an associate degree, two-year certificate, apprenticeship or further postsecondary study in a particular field of health, business or technology. In Massachusetts, Tech Prep is delivered through a statewide network of eleven consortia, each comprised of secondary schools, postsecondary institutions, employment and training providers and business and industry.

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