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M Section Recreation

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Magnet Schools E14

Mammography H41, H52

Managed Care, Bureau of D15

Management Accounting and Reporting System, Massachusetts P13

Managers, Theatrical Booking and Personal, License K42

Manicurists, License K52

Manufacture of Explosives/Fireworks K20

Manufactured Home Commission J10

Manufacturing Corporate Classification - Department of Revenue P23

    Area Code, City and Town, Congressional District & County N2
    Bicycle Paths M2-M3, M5
    Flood G5
    Highway/Turnpike M1, Q13
    Hiking M2-M3, M5
    MBTA Q16
    Ski/Snowmobile/ATV M5


Marine and Recreational Vehicles, License/Registration G13, K5, L22, M4

Marine Fisheries, Division of G18, K40, M8

Marine Fueling Safety Zone K20

Marine Section, State Police L27

Maritime, Aviation and Q2-Q8

Markets, Department of Agriculture D11, G2

Marriage and Family Therapist K48

Marriage License:
    Application Information K31
    Issued from/ Recorded at K30
    Also Recorded at H38, K4


Adoption Resource Exchange B5

Alliance for Economical Development A13

Architectural Access Board H32, L35

Archives N6

Army and Air National Guard L26

Bay Transportation Authority - MBTA: Q15
    Complaints/Comendations Q17
    Customer Service/Lost and Found Q17
    Monthly Passes Q18
    Police Emergency and Non Emergency Q17
    Reduced Passes for Disabled, Elderly and Handicapped Q19
    Route Information Q16
    Special Needs for Disabled and Handicapped Q20
    Student Passes for Jr and High School Q19
    Student Passes College Q18
    The Ride Q20
    Visitor One and Seven Day Passes Q18

Bays National Estuary Program G28

Board of Elementary and Secondary Education E2

Board of Library Commissioners E34

Business Development Corporation A14

Cancer Registry H39

Capital Resource Company A15

Coast Guide: Access to Open Public Spaces Along the Shoreline G32

Commission Against Discrimination:
    Consumer D12
    Education E8
    Employment F15
    Housing J11

Commission for the Blind H6

Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing H16

Commission on End of Life Care H18

Commission on Indian Affairs J8

Convention Center Authority A27

Correctional Industries L6

Cultural Council E38

Curriculum Frameworks E7

Department of Agricultural Resources D11, G2 , K38, M6

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education E3

Department of Fire Services: L16
    Boards and Commissions L20
    Fire Safety, Division of L17
    Firefighting Academy L18
    Hazadous Material Emergency Response Division L19

Department of Public Health H1

Department of Transportation Q1

Development Finance Agency A16, J20

Developmental Disabilities Council H34

Educational Financing Authority E32

Educational Media E12

Emergency Management Agency L14

Environmental Police G13, K5, L22, M4

Environmental Policy Act Unit G15

Export Center A10

Export Services Directory A7

Family Literacy Consortium E5

Film Office A8

Firefighting Academy L18

Genetics Program B15, H23

Growth Capital Corporation A12, J16

Historical Commission N10

Hospital School H40

Housing Finance Agency J18

Housing Partnership J19

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program J15

Management Accounting and Reporting System P13

Manufacturing Extension Partnership A24

Minibonds C8

National Guard Headquarters (Army/Air) L26

Office for Victim Witness Assistance L24

Office of Coastal Zone Management G28

Office of Business Development A3

Office of Information Technology P13

Office of International Trade and Investment A7

Office of Public Collaboration P3

Office of Small Business & Entrepreneurship A5

Office of Technical Assistance and Technology G8

Office of Travel and Tourism A26, M1, Q13

Office on Disability H31

Parole Board L8

Partnership for Passenger Safety Program B7, H14

Permit Regulatory Office A1, J1

Poison Control Center B7, H14

Port Authority Q3

Public Access Board G34, M5

Rapid Response Teams A25

Register N16

Rehabilitation Commission F11, H29

Rental Voucher Program J12

School Building Authority E19

Sentencing Commission L25

Service Alliance F26

Small Business Development Center A4

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children B3

Sports Partnership A9

State Athletic Commission L33

State Lottery Commission C10

STrategic Envirotechnology Partnerships G9

Teachers Retirement System F22

Technology Collaborative A17

Technology Development Corporation A18

Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program H25

Turnpike Authority: Q27

Uniform Securities Act D24, N18

Water Pollution Abatement Trust C13

Water Resources Authority G4

Worksharing Program and Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program F36

End Massachusetts...

Massachusetts, University of E36

Massage Therapists License K64

Massage, Steam, Pool, and other Baths K30

MassBusiness A14

MassCare B15, H23

MassCor L6

MassDeveloment A16, J20

MassDOT Q1, Q27

MassGIS G20 P14

MassHealth S15

MassHighway Q27

MassHousing J18

MassIT P13

MassMedLine O3

MassMutual Center A27

MassParks G26, M9, O5

MassPike Q27

MassPort Q3


MassStart B15, H23

MassTrade A7

Mass Layoffs A25

Mathematics and Sciences, Partnerships Advance Learning of E7

    Complaints/Commendations/ Clean up Staff Q17
    Customer Service/Lost and Found/ Q17
    Monthly Passes Q18
    Police Emergency and non-emergency Q17
    Reduced Passes Diabled, Elderly, Handicapped Q19
    Route Information Q16
    Special Needs Diabled and Handicapped Transportation Q20
    Student Passes Jr and High School Q19
    Student Passes College Q18
    The Ride Q20
    Visitor 1, and 7 day passes Q18

    Consumer D12
    Education E8
    Employment F15
    Housing J11


McKinney Emergency Shelter Grant J14

McKinney Local Housing Authority S12

McKinney Shelter Plus Program S11

MDAR D11, G2, K38, M6


Measures, Weights and D27

Mediation Services - Attorney General C7

Medicaid Fraud:
    Attorney General C7
    Division of Unemployment Assistance F32
    Office of the Inspector General P15
    Special Investigations, Bureau of S10

Medicaid/MassHealth, Office of S15

Medical Affairs - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23

Medical Assistance, Division of S15

Medical Devices H27

Medical Error Prevention, Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety & H51

Medical Examiner, Office of Chief L23

Medical Facilities, Licensing of D20, H41

Medical Security Plan F35

Medical Security Plan, Children's B11

Medical Security Trust Fund F35, S18

Medicare O7

Medicine, Board of Registration in K78

Medicolegal Investigations, Commission on L23




Men's Health Partnership H15

Mental Health Counselor K48

Mental Health, Department of H47

Mental Retardation, Department of H49


Merit Rating Board, Motor Vehicle Insurance L32

METCO Program E14

Metering Systems D27

MetroParkways - DCR G24, Q27

Metropolitan District Commission G24

Metropolitan Highway System Q27








Microwaves, Regulation of H52

Military Division: L26
    Adjutant General
    Archives & Museum
    Records Branch
    Recruiting and Retention

Milk: Dairies, Dealers, Plants and Regulations D11, G2, K13

Minerals, State G19

Minimum Wage Law Enforcement F3

Minimum Wage Program, State F9

Minority and Women Business Assistance, State Office of A6

Minority and Women's Contractor Bond Support Program A12, J16

Minority Business Assistance Center A6

Minority Business Enterprises A6

Minors, Work Permits for F4, F10



Mobile Home Commission J10

Mobile Home Parks - License K30

Modeling Agencies F7, K18


Moran Terminal, John F. Q3

Mortgage Brokers and Lenders, License D9, K10

Mortgage Insurance Fund Program J18

Mosquito Control Board, State Reclamation and G30

Motion Picture Projector Operators K32

Motor Fuels Excise K15, P26, Q11

Motor Oil Return Law, Used G3

Motor Vehicle Damage Appraisers Licensing Board K33

Motor Vehicle Damage Repair Shops (Auto Body/Glass) D27, K24

Motor Vehicle Insurance Merit Rating Board L32

Motor Vehicle Liability, Policies and Bonds, Board of Appeal on D18

Motor Vehicle Sales Tax:
    Collected at Q22
    Jurisdiction of P16

Motor Vehicles, Registry of
    Administration Q21
    Branch Offices Q22
    Commercial Driver's Licens Q30
    Commercial Motor Vehicle Center Q29
    Departments and Divisions Q23
    Non Driver's License and Liquor Identification Cards Q22
    Ombudsman Office Q21
    Passenger Motor Vehicle Driver's Licenses Q22
    Passenger Motor Vehicle Driver's Licenses Conversions from Other States Q22

Motor Vehicles, State Q26

Motorcycle Rider Education Program Q24

MOTT A26, M1, Q13


Movie Projector Operator License K32

Moving and Trucking D25, Q14, R5






Multicultural Health Assistance S19-S20

Municipal Finance Laws, Bureau of P27

Municipal Finance Oversight Board C18

Municipal Grants Program, Cities and Towns - Underground Storage Tanks P28

Municipal Police Training Council L9

Municipal Services, Division of - Department of Environmental Protection G7

Museum, Commonwealth N7


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