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B Section Children

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Baby Safe Haven Info/Resources B2

Banks, Massachusetts Division of D9, K10

Bar Examiners, Board of K28

Barbers, Board of Registration of K50

Bathing Beaches, Public and Semi-Public, Standards for H21

Batterer Intervention H13

Bazaars and Raffles:
    License for K30
    Proceeds from C10


Beach Access G31

Beano Games C10

Beautician License K52

Bedding and Upholstered Furniture Manufacturers and Wholesalers H27

Bees G2

Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety & Medical Error Prevention H51

Betting D23

Bicycle Paths/Maps M2-M3

Bicycle Safety Q24

Bid Room and Contractor Certification P9

Big Dig Q27

Billboard Signs K36

Billiard Tables/Pool Halls K30

Bingo Games C10

Biologic Laboratories H45

Birth Records H38, K4

Birthing Centers H41

Black Falcon Cruise Terminal Q8

Blasters/Blasting K20

Blind, Massachusetts Commission for the H6

Blood Banks H41


Board of Appeal on Motor Vehicle Liability, Policies and Bonds D18

Board of Bar Examiners K28

Board of Building Regulations and Standards, State J4, L4

Board of Conciliation and Arbitration F38

Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, Massachusetts E2

Board of Fire Prevention Regulations L20

Board of Higher Education E27

Board of Library Commissioners, Massachusetts E34

Board of Registration in Medicine K78

Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals G22, K25

Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources G23

Boarding and Lodging Houses K30

Boards of Registration D22, K46

Boating Access, Office of Fishing and G34, M5

Boats, Commuter Q16

Boats/Recreational Vehicles, Licenses G13, K5, L22, M4

Boilers/Pressure Vessels K19

Bond Issuers, State and Local K41, N18

Booking Agents, Theatrical K42

Bookstore, State D6, N14

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center A27

Boston Common Parking Garage A27

Boston Fish Pier Q3

Boston Harbor Islands National Park M11

Bottle Law G3

Bottlers of Soda and Spring Water H27

Bowling Alleys K30

Boxing Commission, State L33

Braille and Talking Book Program E34

Brokerage Firms D24, N18

BSI C17, S10


Budget Bureau P4

Building Code, State:
    Under the jurisdiction of J5
    To purchase copies of N14

Building Code Enforcement Officials J4, K12, L4

Building Inspectors J4, K7, L21

Building Permit K30

Building Regulations and Standards, State Board of J4, K12, L4

Bungee Jumping K19, L21

Bureau of Community Health and Prevention H11

Bureau of Environmental Health H19

Bureau of Family Health and Nutrition H22

Bureau of Health Statistics, Research and Evaluation H37

Bureau of Public Health Facilities H40

Bureau of Infectious Disease Prevention, Response and Services H7

Bureau of Laboratory Sciences H44

Bureau of Managed Care D15

Bureau of Resource Protection G37

Bureau of Special Investigations - Welfare Fraud S10

Bureau of State Office Buildings P5

Bureau of Substance Abuse Services H5

Bureau of Transitional Planning - Education E24

Bureau of Waste Prevention G3

Burn Injury Reporting System L17

Bus and Railway Directions, Route Maps and Schedules - MBTA Q16

Bus and Railway - Complaints and Inspection Q9

Bus Drivers' Licenses K6, R5

Bus Drivers' License for School Busses with:
    Eight or fewer pupils Q23
    Nine or more pupils Q9

Business and Industry Data Centers P29

Business and Labor Bureau C7

Business Financial Assistance A2-A19

Business Compliance Division - Department of Environmental Protection G3

Business Development, Massachusetts Office of A3

Business Development Corporation, Massachusetts A12

Business License K8

Business Regulation, Office of Consumer Affairs and
    Administration D1
    Consumer Assistance D2

Business Regulations and Registration A20-A21, K8, N3

Business Schools E15

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