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A Section Business/Economic Development

AAB H32, L35

Abandoned Property Division - Treasurer's Office C9

Abatements - Department of Revenue P17

ABCC C12, D7

Above Ground Storage Tanks of Combustible Liquids K20

Academic Policy, Office of E27

Academy, Massachusetts Firefighting L18

Academy, State Police L29

Access to Public Spaces Along the Shoreline, Mass. Coast Guide: G32

Access, Public G31-G34

Accident Records - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23

Accident Trauma and Estate Recovery Units S17

Accountants, Public K69


Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome H3
   Couseling, Testing, Support Services H3
   Prevention, Department of Education E23
   Surveillance Program, Department of Public HealthH4

Acupuncture, Committee on K78

Address Confidentiality Program N13

Adjutant General L26

Administration and Finance, Executive Office for P1

Administrative Law Appeals, Division of P2

Administrative Law Division - Attorney General C7

Adolescent Health and Youth Development, Office of B16

Adolescent Health Programs B16, H1, H12, H13, H22-H26, H46

    Agency Licensing B4
    and Family Foster Care Recruitment B9, S4
    Research and Policy B6
    Resource Exchange, Massachusetts B5
    Services, Special Needs S4

Adult and Community Learning Services E4

Adult Basic Education, Literacy and GED E4-E6

Adult Day Care/Foster Care O2

Advocacy Offices:
    Division of Health Care Quality H42
    Department of Revenue P21    
    Office of the Child Advocate S5

Aerial Passenger Cable Cars L34

Aeronautics Commission, Massachusetts Q2

Aeronautics Division, MassDOT Q2

Aestheticians K52


Affirmative Action, State Office of F16

Affordable Housing Programs for Seniors O2

AGE- INFO, 1-800- O2

Agents/Agencies, Ticket/Booking/Personal/Manager/Theatrical K42

Aging, Council on O2

Agricultural Information D11, G2, H2

Agricultural Preservation Restriction Program D11, G2

Agricultural Resources, Department of D11, G2

Agriculture, Department of Food and D11, G2

Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) S6

    Department of Public HealthH3
   Couseling, Testing, Support Services H3
   Prevention, Department of Education E23
   Surveillance Program, Department of Public Health H4

Air Assessment Branch G21

Air/Army National Guard L26

Air Conditioning Systems Contractor License K19, L21

Air Program Planning Unit - DEP G3

Air Tanks K19, L21

Air Traffic Inquiries Q7

Aircraft Registration Q21

Airport Registration Q2

    Logan International Q4
    Hanscom Field Q5
    Worcester Regional Q6

Alarm Systems and other Power-Limited Systems Technicians and Contractors License K56

Alcohol Rehabilitation H5

Alcoholic Beverages:
    Control Commission C12, D7
    Excise Tax P26
    Retail Sale of (License to sell) K30

Alcoholism Counselor K48

Alien Labor Certification Unit F25

All Terrain Vehicle Registration, Licenses G13, K5, L22, M4

Alliance for Economical Development, Massachusetts A13

Allied Health Professions, Board of Registration of K47

Allied Mental Health and Human Services Professions, Board of Registration of K48

Alzheimer's Information and Referral O2

Ambulance Services/EMTs K1

Ambulatory Surgical Center Licensing H41

American and French Canadian Cultural Exchange Commission J9

American Student Assistance Corporation E31

Ammunition, Transportation of K20

Amtrak Q16

Amusement Parks/Carnival Rides K2


Animal Control Permit, Problem G17, K22

Animal Health, Bureau of D11, K38

Anti-Crime Council, Governor's Statewide L10

Anti-Snob- Zoning Act J3

Antifreeze Distributors D27

Antique Dealers K30

Antitrust Division - Attorney General C7

Apiary Inspection G2

Apostille (for certifying documents going out of country) N12

Appeal on Motor Vehicle Liability, Policy and Bonds, Board of D18

    Attorney General 7
    Deptartment of Children and Families S3
    Deptartment of Revenue P18
    Deptartment of Transitionl Assistance S2
    Division of Administrative Law P2
    Housing Appeals Committee J3
    Special Education E22
    State Appellate Tax Board P19

Appellate Tax Board, State P19

Appraisers, Motor Vehicle Damage K33

Appraisers, Real Estate K71

Apprentice Training, Division of F10

Arbitration, Board of Conciliation and F38

Archaeologist, State N10

Architects, Board of Registration of K49

Architects, Landscape K63

Architectural Access Board, Massachusetts H32, L35

Archives, Massachusetts N6

Area Agencies on Aging O2

Army/Air National Guard L26

Arson Hotline L16

Art Commission E39

Artists Fellowship Program, Massachusetts E38

Arts and Humanities E38-E39

Arts Lottery E38


    Abatement Program for Schools and Public Buildings F5
    and Lead Licensing and Enforcement Program F6, K3
    Removal in Homes F6

Assisted Living Ombudsman Program - Seniors O2

Athletic Commission, Massachusetts State L33

Athletic Trainers K47

Attorney General C7

ATV's Registration and Licensing G13, K5, L22, M4

Auctioneers License D27, K24

Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology and K76

Audit Division - Department of Revenue P23

Audit Operations, Division of C16

Auditor's Office, State C14

Autism Spectrum Disorders H49

Auto Body/Glass Repair Shops D27, K24

Auto Theft Strike Force Hotline L3

Automobile Dealers, New, Used and Junkyards K30

Automobile/Trucks/Busses Emissions Inspections, - Registry of Motor Vehicles
    passenger cars and trucks: Q23
    heavy trucks and busses: Q23

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