DVDs Available
Indices 1896-1973


Available 8 disk DVD set:

  • Grantor Indices 1896 to1973 with Name/Page Indexing (PDF format)
  • Most (but not all) of the Plans at the Ends of Books 1 to 5187
  • 3”x 5” Plan Index Cards for Plans recorded from 1930 to 1979, listed by city/town and street.
  • Plan Log Books from 1928 to 2003 for use in converting Book & Page Numbers to Plan Number and Year.
  • Plan Books 1 to 260 plus Plan Book 442 A, B& C (Railroad Valuation Sheets) (PDF format)
  • Ancient Plans from 1701 to 1893 (PDF format)
  • Filed Plans 1 to 943 (JPEG format)

Purchase Price: $103 includes shipping (one week notice requested)

Include a self-addressed stamped envelope.


Available 3 disk DVD set:

  • All Middlesex County road layouts, except Newton & Cambridge
  • Indices for the above
  • Former Middlesex County Engineering Department Field Notebook Index (original Field Notebooks available for review at MSROD)
  • Early Railroad Location Plans with Index Cards (most, but not all, due to basement flooding at Superior Court)
  • Railroad Valuation Sheets from Plan Books 442 A, B & C with index sheet.
  • Newton Sewer Plans
  • Middlesex County Plan Index
  • Middlesex County Road Index

Purchase Price: $103 includes shipping (one week notice requested)

All checks for the purchase of the DVDs described above should be payable to "The Commonwealth of Massachusetts" and sent to:

Middlesex So. Registry of Deeds
Plan Dept., 4th Floor
208 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02141

For more information about these disks please contact the Plan Department by email at msrodplans@sec.state.ma.us or call us at 617-679-6366.