Franklin District Registry of Deeds

Requirements for Recording

  1. All documents must be signed with an original signature and notarized if required. Signers and notarized names must be printed under the respective signature. The expiration date for the notary is required and the notary seal is requested.
  2. Property address must be noted on the first page in the left margin or in the top margin of deeds, mortgages and discharges.
  3. Grantee mailing address is required on deeds.
  4. If the document refers to an attached exhibit, the exhibits must be included at the end of the document.
  5. Payment for excise tax stamp and recording fees must be in the exact amount and may be payable by cash or one check made payable to Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  6. Home or office telephone number must be on all checks.
  7. A sized and properly stamped self-addressed envelope to return documents is requested.
  8. No document containing a social security number shall be accepted for recording. This rule does not apply to state or federal tax liens or releases of state or federal tax liens.
  9. Please note return address on the reverse side of the last page of the document.

The documents will not be accepted for recording unless the foregoing requirements are met. There will be no exceptions.