Transfer of Records

State agency records are eligible for transfer to the State Records Center (SRC). To transfer records, agencies must:

1. Obtain an approved Transfer Permission (RCB-2T)

To be transferred to the State Records Center, records must first be designated for transfer on a Records Conservation Board disposal schedule. The agency must request permission from the Records Conservation Board to implement the provisions of the schedule. This is done by filing an Application for Transfer Permission (RCB-2T) with the Board. For more information, see Records Conservation Board Procedures.

Reminder: Your approval from the board is valid for six months only.

2. Order records center cartons

To order cartons, send a written request to the State Records Center by mail (220 Morrissey Blvd, Boston, MA 02125) or fax (617-288-4505). Records Center staff will deliver boxes to the agency. There is no charge for boxes that are used to transfer records to the SRC.

3. Box records

Arrange files in boxes by series. Do not mix two series of records in a single box. Where possible, arrange records by year, then in ascending order alphabetically or numerically.

4. Label boxes

Label the front panel of the box with the box number, agency/division name, series title, date span, and content range. Reserve side panels for records center labeling.

5. Complete transmittal forms

List each box being transferred. Records listed must correspond with those listed on the approved Transfer Permission. For a copy of the form see Transmittal Form.

Please Note: Agency records must remain at your location for at least two years.

6. Create a packing list for each box

This file by file list of box contents is retained by the agency for use when retrieving records from the records center.

7. Obtain State Records Center box codes

Mail transmittal forms to the records center; attach a copy of the applicable Transfer Permission. Information about boxes will be entered into the records center inventory database and box codes generated. A computer report containing codes will be returned to the agency as soon as possible.

8. Label boxes with the box codes

In the space provided on the side panel of each box, write in the box code. Codes relate to the location assigned to each box; to ensure that boxes are returned to the correct location, care should be taken to write codes legibly with a thick black marker.

9. Notify the State Records Center that boxes are ready for transfer at 727-2470, ext. 219

Transfer is by appointment only. Boxes must be arranged and labeled according to the transmittal forms and computer report. If possible, boxes should be stacked six high. All boxes will be verified on-site to be sure that all are labeled and arranged properly. Nonconforming boxes will be rejected.