Retrieval and Return of Records

Retrieval of Records

Authorized agency personnel may request records from the State Records Center. Agencies wishing to appoint authorized requesters should contact the SRC at 617-727-2470. To request records, agencies must:

1. Submit a completed Records Request Fax Form

List each file by name and its State Records Center box code. Forms should be faxed to the records center (617-288-4505) between 9 AM and 5 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and between 9 AM and 3 PM on Wednesday. Requests sent in after 3 PM on Wednesday will be retrieved forthe following week.

For a copy of the form see Records Request Fax Form.

Please Note: If we cannot mail your records request to you, it is up to your agency to come to this location to retrieve the files.

2. Sign for the receipt of records

When records are retrieved, review the records and the attached Records Request Fax Form for accuracy. Accept records by signing the form. Contact the SRC immediately if there are any questions about the records request.

3. Return records when they are no longer active

If records will be retained permanently by the agency or boxed with new records for transfer to the records center, notify the SRC as soon as possible. Otherwise, when the retrieved records become inactive, they should be returned to the records center where they will be refiled in their original boxes.

Return of Records

1. Submit a completed Records Return Sheet

List each file to be returned and its box code. Notify the State Records Center by phone or fax that the records are ready to be returned. The records can be returned by any secure method.

For a copy of the form see Records Return Sheet.

2. Attach a copy of the return sheet to the records being returned