Past Events

Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati

Secretary Galvin hosted the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati at a Commonwealth Museum program about George Washington and the British evacuation of Boston.

The Society of the Cincinnati was founded in 1783 by a group of Continental Army officers.

George Washington was elected its first president-general. American and French officers who served honorably in the Revolution for at least three years were eligible for membership. Today the society is organized into fourteen constituent chapters, representing the original thirteen states and France. Its members are descendants of Washington’s officers. The society is dedicated to preserving the legacy of George Washington.

Lane Gross
Secretary Galvin and Alan B. Rice
Warren M. 'Renny' Little and Secretary Galvin
Masschusetts Archives Staff memebers, Martha Clark, Stephanie Dyson, Michael Comeau
Lane Gross and Warren Little with Secretary Galvin
Secretary Galvin welcomes the Masschusetts Society of Cincinatti
A surprise guest, John O'Brien, as General Washington's aide Joseph Reed