Past Events

Portland Trail Blazers

The Commonwealth Museum welcomed players and staff members of the Portland Trail Blazers during the team's recent road trip to Boston. The Trail Blazers, who offer cultural enrichment opportunities for players during road trips, viewed the museum's Fire and Thunder: Massachusetts Blacks in the Civil War exhibit, along with original documents that are housed at the Massachusetts Archives.

Michael Comeau, Assistant Archivist for the Massachusetts Archives, talks to Antonio Harvey, announcer for the Trail Blazers, Chris Bowles, Trail Blazers' Player Programs Director, James Joyce, #33 shooting guard and forward for the Trail Blazers, and Mike Rice, announcer for the Trail Blazers, about African Americans' involvement in the Civil War.
The players and staff had the opportunity to view the original Paul Revere engraving plate of the Boston Massacre.
Chris Bowles, Mike Rice, James Jones and Antonio Harvey examine one of the 14 original printed copies of the Declaration of Independence as Michael Comeau (center) discusses its impact on African Americans while Commonwealth Museum Director Stephen Kenney looks on.
Chris Bowles stands with a panel about the 54th Massachusetts Infantry from the 'Fire and Thunder' exhibit.
James Jones takes the opportunity to examine the original documents up close.
James Jones stands with one of the panels from the 'Fire and Thunder' exhibit.