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As the repository for the permanent, non-current, public records of state administration, the Massachusetts Archives collects and makes accessible records that document over 350 years of our Commonwealth’s history! Featured collections include:

The Massachusetts Archives Collection (SC1/45x)

Comprised of records from creating authorities that include the General Court, the Council, Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Boards, Commissions, and Judicial Courts, the Massachusetts Archives Collection is a treasure trove of historic materials that document Massachusetts from its colonial beginnings through early statehood.

1794 Town Plans

In order to compile a state map, the Massachusetts Legislature in 1794 required each town to create a plan based on a survey not more than seven years old. These plans, which include rivers, road, bridges, court houses, places of public worship, and more, provide researchers a “snapshot in time,” and are an incredibly informative historical resource.

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