Examples of State Agencies & Actions Typically Subject to MHC Review under 950 CMR 71

(not an all-inclusive list)

Executive Office of Environmental Affairs

Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) (formerly DEM and MDC)

State Forests and Parks

Reservations and Historic Sites

Historic Parkways

Hazard Mitigation Projects

Division of Conservation Services - Self-Help Grants

Department. of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Sewer Connection Permits

Wetland Permit Superseding-Order-of-Conditions

Chapter 91 Waterways Licenses

River Protection Act

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA)

Water Resources and Wastewater  Facilities

Sewer Permits

Executive Office of Transportation:

Massachusetts Highway Department (MHD)

Highways, State Routes & Bridge construction & repair

Curb Cut Permits for access to state roads

Public Works & Economic Development Grants (PWED)

Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) - Public Transit Facilities

Massachusetts Turnpike Authority



Other agencies and authorities:

Division of Housing and Community Development

Small Cities, CDAG, housing grants, demolition of abandoned properties

Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) (formerly DCPO)

Massachusetts Architectural Access Board Variances

Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners - library construction grants

Massachusetts Department of Education - School Buildings & Facilities construction grants

Massachusetts Development Finance Agency (Mass. Government Land Bank)

Massachusetts Industrial Finance Authority (MIFA) Bonds

Massachusetts Health and Educational Facilities Authority Bonds

Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency

Massachusetts Housing Partnership


Source: Massachusetts Historical Commission 9/27/04