Massachusetts Historical Commission - 2008 Preservation Award Winners
Roxbury Presbyterian Church • Boston (Roxbury)
Roxbury Presbyterian Church  Boston (Roxbury)

Rehabilitation & Restoration

Located a few blocks from Dudley Square, the Roxbury Presbyterian Church is the only largely African-American Presbyterian church in eastern Massachusetts and one of the few churches in Roxbury with a continuous association with one denomination. It was built in 1891-1892 in the Victorian Gothic style, using locally quarried Roxbury puddingstone. Robert and John Gilchrist, members of the parish and founders of Gilchrist Department Store, funded most of the original construction.

The church has a long history of charitable work, including providing aid during the Great Depression and promoting civil rights. This longtime focus on service led to the creation of the current Social Impact Center and indirectly to this restoration project. The interior renovations were necessary to support the church’s growing community programs and to make the building more structurally sound. Exterior renovation included replacing the roof, restoring stained glass windows, restructuring the deteriorating cupola, and repointing the masonry. In keeping with the history of the church, the majority of the rehabilitation project was funded by contributions from church members. The rehabilitation of the Roxbury Presbyterian Church is an extraordinary grassroots community preservation achievement by an active and vibrant congregation.

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