Massachusetts Historical Commission - 2006 Preservation Award Winners
Cory House Restoration - Westport
Cory House

Rehabilitation & Restoration

The 18th-century Cory House is part of a multi-building farm complex built by one of Westport's first families. When the current owners, Timothy and Maryann Bryant, purchased the Cory House, it was slated for demolition and the surrounding land was earmarked for development. The new owners chose, however, to restore this landmark house and preserve the historic landscape.

Because previous owners had stripped the house of nearly all of its original details, the restoration team developed a variety of creative techniques to recover as much detail as possible. Fragments of mantels, chair rails, and doors were found in a burn pile on the property and used to accurately recreate interior and exterior details. Ghost markings of original window and door frames were discovered under imitation brick asphalt siding and used to recreate the original fenestration.

Dendrochronology confirmed the house's 1777 construction date. The owners of the Cory House went well beyond what most private homeowners undertake to restore their home. The owners are also to be commended for working with and supporting the local historical society during their restoration by allowing the Westport Historical Society to run tours of the house that allowed visitors to learn the history of the home and learn about the restoration project.

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