Massachusetts Historical Commission - 2006 Preservation Award Winners
18 Crombie Street - Salem
18 Crombie Street

Rehabilitation & Restoration

This 18th-century home in downtown Salem was restored by Habitat for Humanity to be used as affordable housing. The house was occupied historically by members of Salemís African-American and maritime communities and circumstantial evidence links the house to the Underground Railroad. By the 1990s, however, the house was slated to be demolished to create a parking lot. The Salem Redevelopment Authority stepped in to block the demolition. The house remained vacant and neglected, however.

In 2000, the house was nominated to Historic Salem Inc.ís most endangered list and Preservation Massachusettsís endangered list in 2001. In 2004, the Salem Redevelopment Authority designated Habitat for Humanity as the developer of the property for affordable housing. The house has been restored on the exterior and interior, thanks primarily to volunteer efforts. In 2006, the house was sold to a local Salem family. Thanks to the intervention of these organizations and the hard work of volunteers, particularly its new owners, Salem has retained this piece of its architectural heritage.

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