Massachusetts Historical Commission - 2006 Preservation Award Winners
Governor Bellingham-Cary House - Chelsea, MA
Governor Bellingham-Cary House - Chelsea, MA

Restoration and Rehabilitation

Built in 1659 as a hunting lodge for Governor Bellingham, this First Period house was expanded by Captain Samuel Cary in the mid-18th century and renovated again in 1791. The dwelling is owned and maintained by the Governor Bellingham-Cary House Board of Trustees.

In 2004, a detailed survey identified structural failings and insect damage. The Board of Trustees also recognized that the interior finishes lacked historic appropriateness and were in poor condition. By repairing structural timbers, 90% of the original fabric remained in place. Historic paint,  wallpaper, and plaster analysis allowed the interior to be restored to a more appropriate time period. The North Bennett Street School Preservation Carpentry program restored buckled paneling on the fireplace wall in the Northeast Parlor. The building also serves an educational purpose; it is visited by Chelsea schoolchildren who learn about the early history of their community and country while touring the house.

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