Learn about Massachusetts artifacts


Small bathtub


A very small bath tub

In the 1700s Massachusetts residents did not have indoor plumbing. People filled washbasins like this one with soap and water to wash their faces and hands. Full bathing was limited to once a week.



Wine bottles



Fill it up!

Colonists who wanted to buy wine had to supply their own bottles. Merchants sold the wine in bulk directly from large barrels.



Wine bottle seal with name



Early recycling

Since you had to supply your own bottles when buying wine, people would reuse the same bottles over and over. To make sure people didn't steal your bottles you could have your initials or full name put right on the bottle.






Gravestones are small biographies of people from the past. This gravestone honors Grace Parker who owned a pottery in Charlestown from 1743 to 1755.





Coffee break!

Eighteenth century taverns were gathering places where travelers could spend a night and enjoy a hot meal with locals. Guests would play games, read newspapers, and share a pot of tea.