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1. Of the original 13 States of the Union, what number was Massachusetts?

A. 6th

B. 5th

C. 4th

D. 3rd

2. What is the capital of Massachusetts?

Massachusetts MapA. Worcester

B. Plymouth

C. Boston

D. Cambridge

3. Approximately how big is Massachusetts?

A. 50,000 sq. miles

B. 8,000 sq. miles

C. 20,000 sq. miles

D. 5,000 sq. miles

4. What colors are on the Massachusetts State Flag?

Massachusetts FlagA. White, silver, and gold

B. Red, white, and blue

C. White, blue, and gold

D. White and blue

5. When was the Massachusetts constitution adopted?

A. 1776

B. 1778

C. 1780

D. 1781

6. When did John Winthrop and the Puritans arrive in Salem?

A. 1628

B. 1629

C. 1630

D. 1632

7. What happened during the Boston Massacre?

A. British soldiers fired on a crowd of Patriots

B. Dock workers rioted and were fired on by police

C. Massachusetts soldiers fired on unarmed
British troops

D. A major battle of the Revolutionary War
took place

8. What was the Boston Tea Party in 1773?

Boston Tea PartyA. A campaign event to elect John Adams president

B. A protest by Native Americans against the European settlement

C. An attempt to disrupt British supply lines

D. A protest of Boston citizens against British taxes.

9. The first printing press in America was set up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in what year?

A. 1638

B. 1720

C. 1780

D. 1920

10. Where was the first Battle of the American
Revolution fought in 1775?

A. Lexington and Concord

B. Arlington and Lexington

C. Boston and Cambridge

D. Watertown and Brookline

11. Why was the first railroad in America built in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1826?

A. To ship materials to build the new State House

B. To haul produce to the Boston markets

C. To provide transportation to Boston

D. To haul granite for the Bunker Hill Monument

12. Who published the abolitionist newspaper,The Liberator, in Boston from 1831-1866?

A. William Lloyd Garrison

B. Louisa May Alcott

C. Erle Stanley Gardner

D. Oliver Wendell Holmes


13. Who demonstrated the first telephone in Boston?

A. Benjamin Franklin

B. Charles Goodyear

C. William Stanley

D. Alexander Graham Bell

14. What game was first played in Holyoke, Massachusetts, in 1895?

A. Basketball

B. Volleyball

C. Tennis

D. Ice hockey

15. What game was first played in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1891?

A. Basketball

B. Baseball

C. Ultimate frisbee

D. Ice hockey

16. In what year was the first subway system in America opened in Boston?

A. 1822

B. 1898

C. 1908

D. 1943

17. Who was the first governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, elected in 1780?

A. John Adams

B. John Hancock

C. Samuel Adams

D. Paul Revere

18. What modern invention was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1928?

A. Portable radio

B. Television

C. Pager

D. Computer