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Welfare/Social Services: Insurance

S14 Office of Medicaid/MassHealth

S15 Insurance Partnership Program

S16 Estate Recovery Unit

S14 Office of Medicaid/MassHealth
Executive Office of Health and Human Services
600 Washington Street, 5th floor
Boston, MA 02111
Tel: 617-573-1770
MassHealth Enrollment Toll Free: 1-888-665-9993 (within Mass. only)
MassHealth Enrollment Toll Free TTY: 1-888-665-9997 (within Mass. only)
MassHealth Toll Free: 1-800-841-2900 (within Mass. only)
MassHealth Toll Free TTY: 1-800-497-4648 (within Mass. only)

Statutorily known as the Division of Medical Assistance, the Office of Medicaid administers the MassHealth programs, which include Medicaid, the Children's Medical Security Plan, Healthy Start, the Special Kids/Special Care Pilot Program (along with the Department of Social Services), the Insurance Partnership Program, the Kaileigh Mulligan Home Care Program, and the Uncompensated Care Pool, and other medical assistance programs offered by the commonwealth. MassHealth covers a broad range of health-care services by paying for part or all of a MassHealth member's health insurance, or paying MassHealth providers for medical services given to members.  In some cases, MassHealth helps pay for long-term-care services in the community or in an institution, such as a chronic disease or rehabilitation hospital or a nursing facility Medicaid, their largest assistance program, is a federal-state partnership with the Office of Medicaid developing eligibility requirements and processing applications for needy and low-income people under 21 and over 65. Any person receiving AFDC or SSI is immediately covered by Medicaid. In addition, pregnant women, families, and certain people with severe disabilities may be eligible.  Also, all children under age 19 who cannot get MassHealth are eligible for limited health-care coverage from another state program called the Children's Medical Security Plan (CMSP). The Kaileigh Mulligan Health Insurance Program is listed at B10.

S15 Insurance Partnership Program

This program is not in operation at this time. Please contact MassHealth, listed directly above.

S16 Estate Recovery Unit
P.O. Box 15205
Worcester, MA 01615-0205
Tel: 508-856-6381
Toll Free: 1-800-754-1864

MassHealth may get reimbursed from the estates of certain MassHealth members when they die. In general, the money that must be repaid is for services paid by MassHealth for a member after the member turned age 55. There are some circumstances under which MassHealth may delay requesting repayment (such as if the surviving spouse continues to live in the home) or decide that the estate does not need to repay MassHealth. Also, MassHealth will count any assets transferred within the preceding three years by an applicant (even if transferred to other family members or a trust) as still owned by the applicant. Call the Estate Recovery Unit for further clarification about liens on homes, estate planning, assets, and will probating in regards to qualifying for MassHealth assistance

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