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Employment: Disability

F11 Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

F12 Statewide Head Injury Program

F13 Division of Disability Determination Services

F14 The Resource Partnership

F11 Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Fort Point Place, Suite 600
27 Wormwood Street
Boston, MA 02210-1616
Voice/TTY: 617-204-3600
Voice/TTY Toll-Free: 1-800-245-6543
Ombudsman: 617-204-3603
Fax: 617-727-1354

The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission provides vocational services to mentally or physically disabled citizens in order to help them secure employment. Services include counseling and guidance, medical evaluation, psychological, and restorative services, prosthetic devices, skill training, and job placement. For information on eligibility, contact the office. There are several regional offices; call or visit their website for the nearest location.

Vocational Rehabilitation Division
The division is charged with administering an employment-focused program for persons with physical and/or mental disabilities whose disabling conditions present barriers to employment and who can benefit from vocational rehabilitation services in terms of employability. Programs include van adaptation services and adaptive housing, worker's compensation, general relief project, eligibility unit for Chapter 688 (Turning 22), supported work grants for persons who are mentally retarded, extended sheltered employment, and services for deaf individuals.

F12 Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP)
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
Fort Point Place
27 Wormwood Street, Suite 600
Boston, MA 02210-1616
Tel: 617-204-3852
Toll Free: 1-800-223-2559 (within Mass. only)
TTY: 617-204-3817

The Statewide Head Injury Program is the program in the Commonwealth that identifies, cultivates, and develops resources and services for Massachusetts residents who have sustained an externally-caused traumatic brain injury.

F13 Division of Disability Determination Services
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
110 Chauncy Street
Boston, MA 02111-9810
Tel: 617-727-1600
General Toll Free: 1-800-422-7200 (within Mass. only)
Information Hotline for Client Services Toll Free: 1-800-245-6543 (within Mass. only)

This office determines the eligibility of an applicant for Social Security Disability Income and Supplemental Security Income based on the applicant's disability only. This division is funded and regulated federally by the Social Security Administration and managed by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.

F14 The Resource Partnership
251 West Central Street, Suite 31
Natick, MA 01760
Tel: 508-647-1722
Fax: 508-647-9622  

The Resource Partnership is a non-profit agency formed in 1978, created to facilitate the employment of people with disabilities by developing linkages between employers and rehabilitation, training and education agencies. Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission supports the Resource Partnership in various ways.

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