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Education/Arts: Curriculum and Instruction

E7 Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
75 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148-4906
Arts: 781-338-6239
English Language Arts: 781-338-6239
Foreign Languages:  781-338-6239
Health:  781-338-6450
History and Social Science: 781-338-6239
Mathematics:  781-338-3504
Science:  781-338-3510 
Technology/Engineering:  781-338-3510

Under the Education Reform Act of 1993, seven core academic areas make up what are called the Curriculum Frameworks:  Arts, English, Health, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages. The curriculum frameworks are designed for teachers to use in preparing their lesson plans, and for districts to use in planning local curricula and are considered key areas of learning required of all students in Massachusetts at the elementary level.

An important program created as a result of Education Reform is PALMS, Partnerships Advance Learning of Mathematics and Science. The major goal of this multi-year Massachusetts State Systemic Initiative is to systematically improve teaching and learning of mathematics and science. The responsibilities include the development of Massachusetts' mathematics and science curriculum framework and professional development for teachers and administrators Pre-K through adult. PALMS is a cooperative initiative of the Massachusetts Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, the NOYCE Foundation, and the United States Department of Education.  PALMS provides educators and administrators with extensive professional development opportunities focused on the learning standards found in the curriculum frameworks, effective strategies for implementing standards-based curriculum and assessing student learning; leadership for change; science and mathematics content; and reinforces new state standards for teacher recertification.

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