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S Section Welfare/Social Services

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S License K39

Safe and Drug Free Schools E23

Safe Driver Insurance Plan L32

Safe Motherhood H23

Safety Program, Massachusetts Passenger B7, H14

Sale of Tobacco Products to Minors H25

Sales and Use Tax P17

Sales Tax on Meals P17

Sand and Gravel Pits K30

Sanitarians, Board of Registration of K73

Sanitary Code, State H21, J6

Sanitation Program, Community H21

SARS Hotline H1

Scales and Metering Systems D27

Scholarship Office E30

School Accountability, Improvement Planning and Assistance E9

School Breakfast/Lunch/Special Nutritional Programs B20, E20

School Building Authority, Massachusetts E19

School Bus Driver Licensing:
    for Eight or Fewer Pupils Q23
    for Eight or More Pupils K6, Q9, R5

School Bus Safety Q24

School Bus Transportation, Dept. of Education Q25

School Choice Program E17

School Finance and District Support E14

School Health Programs - DPH H24

School Nutrition Programs B20, E20

School to Career Cluster E15

Science, Partnerships Advancement of Math and E7

Seaport Advisory Council A11

Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts C6, N1

Section 8 Housing J12

Securities Division D24, K41, N18

Security Alarm Systems, Licenses K39, K56

Security Guard Agencies, License K14

Seeds Program D11, G2

Self-Employed Health Insurance S16

Self-Service Gasoline Stations K20

Semester Pass Q18

Senior Aide Program O2

Senior Center Programs O2

Senior Citizens - O Section

Senior Citizens, Disabled, Handicapped, Veterans, Reduced Passes for MassParks G26, M9, O5

Senior Citizens, Disabled, Handicapped, Students and Reduced Passes for MBTA O4, Q19

Senior Community Service Employment Program O2

Senior Pharmacy Program/Pharmacy Plus Program O2

Senior Pharmacy/Prescription and Health Insurance Information O2, O3

Sentencing Commission, Massachusetts L25

Septic and Cesspool System Inspectors, Certified G3

Service Alliance, Massachusetts F26

Service of Process for Corporations N3

Servicemarks N3

Sewerage Division - MWRA G4

Sex Offender Registry Board L12

Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor Services H13

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Prevention, Division of H8

Shade Tree Management G26

Sheet Metal Workers License K74

Shellfishing, License G18, K40, M8

Shelter Services/Women-in-Transition, Emergency S4



Shooting Galleries, License K30

Skimobile/Snowmobile Registration G13, K5, L22, M4

Skimobile/Snowmobile Trails G34, M5

Ski Tows L34


Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Massachusetts Office of A5

Small Business Development Center, Massachusetts A4

Small Business Investment Company, Specialized A12

Small Claims Court D3

Smaller Communities Development Loan Guarantee Program A12, J14

Smokeless Powder, Transportation of K20, L17

Smoking in Public Buildings H25

SNAP Program S6

Snowmobile/Skimobile Registration G13, K5, L22, M4

Snowmobile/Skimobile Trails G34, M5

Social Security Administration O6

Social Security Card K4, O6

Social Security Disability Income F13

Social Services, Department of S4

Social Workers, Board of Registration of K75

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Massachusetts B3

Soda and Spring Water Bottlers H27

Soft Second Program J19

Solid Waste Management, Division of G3


Spanish Language Sexual Assault Hotline, Statewide H13

Special Education E21

Special Education Appeals E22

Special (Employment) Programs F24-F28

Special Fuels Decals/Excise/Permits K15, P26, Q11

Special Health Needs, Division of Perinatal, Early Childhood and B15, H23

Special Investigations, Bureau of C17, S10

Special License Plates (Vanity) Q23

Special Medical Fund (Children) H23

Special Needs Adoption Services S4

Special Needs Community Support Line B14, H22

Special Pyrotechnics Permit K20, L17

Special Review Section (Serious and Fatal Accidents) - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23

Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, Children B19, H24

Specialized Foster Care Services S4

Specialized Small Business Investment Company A12

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Board of Registration of K76

Springfield Civic Center A27

Sports Partnership, Massachusetts A9



Stables K38

Stafford Loan - Education E31

Stage II Vapor Reduction G3

Standards, Division of D27, K24

State 911 Division L1

State Administration/Revenue - Section P

State Advisory Commission for Special Education E21

State Appellate Tax Board P19

State Archeologist N10

State Arts Lottery Fund E38

State Athletic Commission, Massachusetts L33

State Auditor's Office:
   Administration C14
   Audit Operations, Division of C16
   Loal Mandates, Division of C15
   Municipal Finance Oversight Board C18
   Special Investigations, Bureau of C17, S10

State Board of Building Regulations and Standards J4, L4

State Board of Education E2

State Board of Retirement F20

State Bookstore D6, N14

State Boxing Commission L33

State Building Code:
   Jurisdiction of J4
   To Purchase Copy of D6, N14

State Building Regulations J4-J7

State Building Superintendents P5

State Cars/Vehicles Q26

State Data Center P29

State Employees Workers' Compensation State Employment F42

State Employment F29-F30

State Environmental Code J6

State Ethics Commission P10

State Fire Marshal K20, L17

State Geologist G19

State House Tours Division M13, N19

State Labor Relations Commission F37

State Laboratory Institute, William A. Hinton H45

State Library, George Finegold E33

State Lottery Commission, Massachusetts C10

State Minimum Wage Program F9

State Motor Vehicles Q26

State Office Buildings, Bureau of P5

State Office of Affirmative Action F16

State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance A6

State Parks and Recreation, Division of G26, M9-M12

State Police:
    Academy L29
    Crime Reporting Unit L27
    Department of L27
    Detective Unit - Attorney General C7
    Government Center L28
    Marine Section L27
    Troop E on the Mass Turnpike L30

State Property:
   Cars, Computers, Desks/Office equipment P6
   Property/Real Estate P7

State Publications N14

State Racing Commission D23

State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board G30

State Records Center N8

State Sanitary Code J6

State University E36

State Veterinarian D11

State Wards, Education of E14

State Workforce Investment Board A23

State, Secretary of C6, N1

Statewide Childhood Injury Prevention Program, Massachusetts B7, H14

Statewide Domestic Violence Registry L13

Statewide Emergency Telecommunications Board L1

Statewide Head Injury Program F12

Statewide Spanish Language Sexual Assault Hotline H13

Statewide Vendor File P11

    Department of Public Health H35
    Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23
    Registry of Vital Records and Statistics H38
    State Data Center P29
    U.S. Census bureau P30

STD's H8

Steam Baths and Public Pools K30


Stockbrokers, License D24, K41, N18

Stolen Vehicle Information - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23

Stone, Walter D. (Stoneham) Zoo M12

Stop Signs/Traffic Signals Q27

Storage of Explosives/Flammable Liquids K20

Storage Tanks, Above Ground Flammable/Combustible Liquids K20

Storage Tanks, Underground:
    City and Towns Municipal Grants Program P28
    Environmental/Safety Concerns G3, L17
    Regulatory Compliance with L17
    Reimbursement, Program for P28

STategic Envirotechnology Partnerships G9

Student Loans E30-E32

Student Health Insurance Program S18

Student Records E18

Students Smoking in School H25

Stuffed Toys H27

Subscription Services, State N15

Substance Abuse Services, Bureau of H5

Subway, Train, Trolley, and Bus Schedules MBTA Q16

Sudbury Reservoir G5

Suffolk County Arson Prevention Program L17

Summer Food Service -Department of Education B20, E20

Sumner Tunnel, William H.:
   General Oversight Q27
   State Police L30

Supervised Firing of Cannon K20

Supplemental Loans for Students E31

Supplemental Security Income O6, S9

Supplier Diversity Office A6

Surplus Food - Department of Education B20, E20

Surplus State Property:
   Cars, Computers, Desks/Office equipment P6
   Property/Real Estate P7

Surveyors, Land, Board of Registration of K59

Suspensions and Revocations - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23

Swimming Pools, Public K30

Swimming Pools, Public and Semi-Public, Health Standards for H21

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