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R Section Utilities

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Racing Commission, State D21

Radiation Control Program H52

Radioactive Waste Management, Low-Level G32

Radiologic Technicians, Commission on H52

Raffles and Bazaars, Licensing for C10, K30

Raffles, Proceeds from C10

Rail/Boat Commuter Information Q16

Railways and Buses, Licensing R5

Rape Prevention and Victim Services H13

Rapid Response Teams, Massachusetts A26

Ratepayer Advocate, Attorney General C7

Rate Program, Prevailing Wage F8

Ready Resource Fund, The J14

Real Estate Appraisers, Board of Registration of K71

Real Estate Brokers and Salesmen, Board of Registration of K72

Real Estate Management, Office of (State Property) P7

Recipient Services, Office of - Department of Transitional Assistance S7

Records and Statistics, Registry of Vital H38

Records Center, State N8

Records Conservation Board N9

Records Division, Public N11

Records, Student E15

Recreation - M Section

Recreation, Department of Conservation and G24

Recreational Camps:
    Licensing for K30
    Health Standards for H21

Recreational Facilities, Parks and M7-M9

Recreational Tramway Board L34

Recreational Vehicles, Licensing and Registration G9, K5, M2

Recycling Facilities Information G3

Redevelopment Corporations, Urban A11, J14

Reduced Fares and Passes at State Forests and Parks, for Seniors, Disabled/Handicapped, and Veterans G25, M7, O5

Reduced Fares and Passes - MBTA
    Disabled/Handicapped Persons Q19
    Monthly Q18
    Seniors Q19
    Students: Jr. and High School Q19
    Students: College Q18
    Visitor: One, and Three Day Q18

Re-employment Assistance Program A25

Refrigeration Systems/Technicians K19, L21

Refugee and Immigrant Health Program H53, S19

Refugees and Immigrants, Massachusetts Office for S18

Regional and County Agricultural Extension Services H2

Registrar's Office - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q21

Registration in Medicine, Board of K78

Registration, Boards of K46

Registration, Motor Vehicle - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23

Registry of Deeds N17

Registry of Motor Vehicles:
    Administration Q21
    Branch Offices Q22
    Commercial Driver's License Q23
    Departments and Divisions Q23
    Driver's License, and Non-Drivers' Identification Card Q22
    Ombudsman Office Q21

Registry of Vital Records and Statistics H38

Regulations, State N16

Regulatory Procedures Section N16

Rehabilitation Commission, Massachusetts F9, H29

Rehabilitation Counselor (Mental Health) K48

Rehabilitation Division, Vocational F9

Rehabilitation Services for the Blind / Deaf H29

Remedial Skills Dropout Prevention, Chapter 188 E3

Renal Dialysis, End Stage H41

Rental Assistance, Division of Public Housing and J12

Rental Voucher Program, Federal, Homeless, Massachusetts: J12

Repair License Plates and Registration Q23

Research and Epidemiology Program H9

Reservation and Historic Site Division M7

Resident Agent for Corporations N3

Resident Discount Passes for Tunnels Q27

Residential Care Services - Department of Children and Families S4

Resource Protection, Bureau of G3

Respiratory Care Therapists, Board of Registration of K79

Respite Program - Department of Children and Families S4

Rest Home Licensing D18, H41

Restaurant Licensing K30

Retail Installment Sales Law D7

Retardation, Department of Mental H49

Retirement Administration Commission, Public Employee F18

Retirement Appeal Board, Contributory F20

Retirement System, Massachusetts Teachers F19

Retirement, State Board of F17

Revenue, Department of: P16
   Abatements P17
   Advocate/Problem Resolution P21
   Appeals P18
   Child Support Enforcement P22
   Criminal Investigation P24
   Estate Tax P25
   Excise Tax P26
   Property Tax Bureau P27

Ride, The - MBTA Q20

Riding Schools/Riding Instructors, License K38

Rigger's License K37

Right-to-Know Law, Community G3, H19

Right-to-Know Law, Employees F2

Riverways Program G16

    Administration Q21
    Branch Offices Q22
    Commercial Driver's License Q23
    Departments and Divisions Q23
    Driver's License, and Non-Drivers' Identification Card Q22
    Ombudsman Office Q21

Road Conditions - MassDOT Q27

Road Tests - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q21-Q23

Roofers License K26

Room Occupancy Excise (Hotel/Motel) P17

Rural Health, Office of H12

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