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P Section State Administration/Revenue

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PAC's N5

Painter's License K37


Pardons, Advisory Board of L8

Parental Stress Line S4

Parents Helping Parents Line B3


Park-n-Ride Lots Q27

Parks, Division of Forest and G25, M7

Parole Board, Massachusetts L8

Pathology and Audiology, Speech-Language K76

Partnership Trust Funds J19

Partnerships Advance Learning of Mathematics and Sciences E6

Partnerships, General K30

Partnerships, Limited N3


Passes - MassParks - Reduced for Disabled/Handicapped/Seniors and Veterans G25, M7, O5

Passes - MBTA
    Disabled/Handicapped Persons Q19
    Monthly Q18
    Seniors Q19
    Students: Jr. and High School Q19
    Students: College Q18
    Visitor: One, and Three Day Q18

Patient Protection, Office of D14, H50

Patient Safety & Medical Error Prevention, Betsy Lehman Center for H51

Pawnbrokers K30


PCBs H19

Peddlers License D25, K24

Pedestrian Safety Q24

Pediatric Family Violence Awareness Project H14

Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board F24

Pension System, State F18


Perfusionists K79

Permanent Assignment of Fuel Barges/Vessels K20

Permit Regulatory Office, Massachusetts A1, J1

Permit Section - MassDOT Q27

Persian Gulf War Veterans Bonus S20

Personal Agents and Managers, Theatrical, Licenses K42

Personnel Administrative Reporting and Information System P13

Personnel Management Information System P13

Pest Control G26

Pesticide Products:
    Distributors of H27
    Licensing of Exterminators K21
    Protection from misuse G26

Pesticide Program G26, K21

Pet License K30

Pet License, Exotic G17, K22

Pet Shops K38

Petroleum Cleanup Program, Underground Storage Tank P28

Pharmacy Outreach Program O3

Pharmacy/Prescription and Health Insurance Information for Seniors O2 O3

Pharmacy/Pharmacists, Board of Registration of K79

Pharmacy/Pharmacy Plus Program O2

Photo Developers G3

Physical Therapists, Board of Registration of K47

Physical Therapists (Independent) H41

Physical Therapy, Out-Patient H41

Physicians, Board of Registration K78

Physicians' Assistants, Board of Registration of K79

Pier Licensing G3

Piers, State G24

Pinball Machines/Arcades, License K30

Pipefitters K19, L21

Pipeline Engineering and Safety Division R8

Placement Accountability System A23

Placement Agencies, License B4

Planning and Evaluation Division - Department of Environmental Protection G3

Planning Design and Construction, Office of P7

Plant Closings, Assistance due to A24-A25

Plant Industries, Bureau of Farm Products and D9, G2

Plumbers and Gasfitters, Board of Registration of K66

PLUS Loan Program - Higher Education E28


Podiatry, Board of Registration of K67

Poison Control Center, Massachusetts B7, H14

    Complaints Involving C7
    Department of State Police L27
    Environmental Police L22
    Government Center State Police L28
    Municipal Police Training Council L9
    State Police Academy L29
    State Police on the MassPike L30

Police Training Committee, Municipal L9

Policy and Planning, Department of Higher Education E25

Political Action Committees (PAC's) N5

Political Finance, Office of Campaign and N5

Pools, Public, License K30

Port Authority, Massachusetts Q3

Portable X-ray Services H41

Portuguese Business Enterprise A8

Post Secondary Occupational/Technical/Vocational Education and Licensure E32

Poultry- Department of Agricultural Resources D9, G2

Power Plant Approval G12

Power-Limited Alarm/Warning Systems K56

Practical and Registered Nurses, Licensed K79

Predevelopment Assistance Funding Program A15, J20

Prescription Advantage Program O2

Pressure Vessels K19, L21

Prevailing Wage Rate:
    Enforcement F3
    Program F8

Prevention and Wellness, Division of H15

Pre-Release from Prison:
    Employment, Housing, Mental/Physical Health Programs F21
    Facilities H48, L5

PRIM BoardF24

Printers, Commercial G3

Prison, Pre-Release from:
    Employment, Housing, Mental/Physical Health Programs F21
    Facilities H48, L5

Private Business, Correspondence, Occupational, Technical, Trade and Vocational Schools D19, E32, K68

Private Detectives and Investigators K14

Private Housing Programs, Division of J13

Probation, Office of the Commissioner of L13

Problem Animal Control Permit G17, K22, M5

Problem Resolution Office-Department of Revenue P21

Procurement and General Services, Department of P6

Produce - Department of Agricultural Resources D9, G2

Professional Driving Schools Q23

Professional Licensure, Division of D20, K46

Professions Licensure, Division of Health K79

Professions and Trades K46

Project Clean - MassDOT Q27

Property Insurance Loss Register L17

Property Tax Bureau P27

Property Tax Relief - Senior Citizens O2

Property, State Owned Surplus:
    Equipment/Vehicles P6
    Real Estate P7

Prop. 2 1/2 P27

Protective Services:
    Children B2-B3
    Seniors O2

Proprietary Schools D19, E32

Psychiatrists, Board of Registration of K78

Psychology, Board of Registration of K69

Public Access G28-G31

Public Access Board, Massachusetts M3

Public Accountancy, Board of Registration of K70

Public Charities Division - Attorney General C7

Public Collaboration, Massachusetts Office of P3

Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission F18

Public Entertainment License K30

Public Health Facilities, Bureau of H40

Public Health, Massachusetts Department of H1

Public Housing, Division of J12

Public Information and Referral on State, County, Local and Federal Government N2

Public Market Commission D9, G2

Public Meetings, Notices of State Offices, Boards and Commissions N16

Public Protection and Advocacy Bureau, Attorney General C7

Public Records Division - Secretary of the Commonwealth N11

Public Relations - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23

Public Safety and Security, Executive Office of L1

Public Safety, Department of L2

Public Safety/Law Enforcement - Section L

Public Shade Trees, Management of G25

Public School Improvement Acts E8

Public Transportation - MBTA Q15-Q20

Public Utilities, Department of:
    Administration G10, R1
    Consumer Division D2, R2
    Gas Division R3
    Electric Power Division R4
    Pipeline Division R8
    Transporation Division R5
    Water Division R6

Public Warehousemen, License K44

Public Works, Department of Q27

Publications, State N14-N16

Pupil Transportation Programs Q25

Purchase of Services Program P6

Pyrotechnics, Handling/Transportation of  K20, L17

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