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L Section Public Safety/Law Enforcement

Searches starting with the letter "L"

Labor and Workforce Development, Executive Office of F1

Labor Disputes F32

Labor Management Committee, Joint F33

Labor Market Information F15

Labor Relations, Department of F32

Labor Standards, Department of F2

Labor, Department of F2

Laboratory Certification, Environmental G21

Laboratory Institute, William A. Hinton State H47

Laboratory Licensing H43

Laboratory Sciences, Bureau of H46

Laboratories, Environmental G21

Land Bank, Government A13, J20

Land Surveyors - Board of Registration K59

Land Use Planning - Department of Housing and Community Development J2

Land Use, Department of Agricultural Resources D9, G2

Landfills G3

Landlord Tennant Issues D2

Landscape Architects, Board of Registration of K63

Large-scale Real Estate Development Projects A13, J20

Lasers, Regulation of H54

Law Department - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23

Law Enforcement Officers, Complaints involving C7

Law Enforcement, Environmental G13, K5, L26, M2

Law Enforcement, State L22

Lawrence Experiment Station G21

Lawyers/Complaints against Lawyers K28

Layoffs, Assistance due to A23-A24

Lead Paint Abatement:
    Financial Assistance Program J18
    Information, Laws and Regulations H48, J7
    Licensing for Homeowners H48
    Licensing for Professionals F5, K29

Lead Paint Screening for Children H48

Lead Poisoning:
    Childhood Prevention Program H48
    Occupational Registry F2

Learner's Permits - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23

Leasing and State Office Planning, Office of P7

Legal Services Program for the Elderly O2

Lehman Center, Betsy H53

Lemon Law Arbitration Program, Automotive D6

Lemuel Shattuck Hospital H42

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge Q28

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Business Enterprise A6

Lesbian (youth) Safe Places, Department of Public Health B20


Library Commissioners, Massachusetts Board of E31

Library, George Finegold State E30

Library System - Department of Public Health H38

License, Driver's - Registry of Motor Vehicles:
    Commercial Road Tests Q23
    Commercial Written Tests Q23
    Passenger Vehicle Conversions from Other States Q22
    Passenger Vehicle Road and Written Tests Q22
    Passenger Vehicle Renewals Q22

Licensed Site Professional G22, K25

Licenses issued at the local level (City/Town Hall) K30

License/Permits/Records - K Section:
    A General Listing of Licenses K1-K45
    Under the Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation K46-K77
    Under the Department of Public Health K78-K79

Licensing Program, Asbestos and Lead Paint F5, K3

Licensing Program, Employment Agencies F6, K18

Licensure, Division of Health Professions K79

Licensure, Division of Professional K46

Lieutenant Governor C2


Limited Liability Companies N3

Limited Liability Partnerships N3

Limited Partnerships N3

Limousine/Jitney License K30

Liquor Purchase Identification Card K16, Q22

Literacy Programs E4-E5

Llamanos H13


Lobbyist Registration and Renewal N13

Lobster Trapping/Fishing G18, K40, M6

Local Building Inspectors, License J4, L3

Local Consumer Councils C7, D3

Local Mandates, Division of C19

Local Options Statutes N12

Local Services, Division of - Department of Revenue P27

Logan International Airport, General Edward Lawrence Q4

Logan, Transportation to Q4

Long Term Care Facilities D20

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program O2

Long Term Care Services O2

Lottery Commission, Massachusetts State - Treasurer's Office C10

Lottery Fund, State Arts E35

Lottery Game Room C10

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Massachusetts J15

Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Board G32

LSPs G22, K25

Lunch Carts/Trucks K30

Lunch Program, Elder O2

Lung Disease Registry, Occupational H41

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