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E Section Education/Arts

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Early Education and Care, Department of B10, E2

Early Intervention Programs B18, H23

East Boston Pier Q3

Ecological Restoration, Division of G16

Economic Analysis - Department of Unemployment Assistance F15

Economic Data P29-P30

Economic Development Assistance Corporation, Community J17

Economic Development, Executive Office of Housing and A1, J1

Economic Dislocation and Worker Adjustment Assistance Act A23

Economic Empowerment, Office of C8

Edible Products sold in Vending Machines K43

Education/Arts - Section E

Education and Training Programs - Senior Citizens O2

Education Appeals, Bureau of Special E19

Education Data Services E9

Education of Homeless Children E11

Education in Institutional Settings E18

Education Loan Program, Federal Family E28

Education Reform Information E8

Education, Board of Higher E24

Education, Continuing - Senior Citizens O2

Education, Executive Office of B9, E1a

Education, State Board of E1b

Educational Financing Authority, Massachusetts E29

Educator Preparation E23

EEC B10, E2

EIRs G15

Elder Abuse Hotline O1

Elder Affairs, Executive Office of O1

Elder Health Insurance/Pharmacy Information O2

Elder Hotline - Attorney General C7

Elder Protection Services and Programs O2

Elder Service Corps O2

Elderly Low-Income Housing Program, Chapter 667 J12

Elderly, Legal Services Program for the O2

Elders at Risk Program O2

Elections Division N4

Electric Power Division R4

Electricians, Board of Registration of K56

Electrologists, Board of Registration of K57

Elementary and Secondary Education, Massachusetts:
   Board of E1b
   Department of B11, E3

Elevator Regulations, Board of K17, L19

Elevators/Elevator Operators/Escalators/Moving Sidewalks K17, L19

Embalming and Funeral Directing, Board of Registration K58

Emergency Aid to Elderly, Disabled and Children S6

Emergency Environmental Crime or Spill Numbers G3

Emergency Finance Board C20

Emergency Housing/Homeless Program S11

Emergency Management L12-L13

Emergency Management Agency, Massachusetts L12

Emergency Medical Services, Office of H17, K1

Emergency Medical Technician H17, K1

Emergency Response - Right-to-Know-Law G3, H19

Emergency Shelter Services/Women-in-Transition S4

Emergency Telecommunication Board L1

Emerging Technology Fund A13, J20

Employee Relations, Office of F34

Employer Contributions Division - Unemployment Insurance Tax F30

Employer Status Report F30

Employment Section F

Employment Agencies, Licensing and Enforcement F6, K18

Employment and Part-time Opportunities - Senior Citizens O2

Employment Services Program S14

Employment, State F25

EMTs H17, K1

End of Life Care H18

End Stage Renal Dialysis H43

Endangered Species Program, Natural Heritage and G17, K22

Energy and Environmental Affairs, Executive Office of G1

Energy and Environmental Bureau, Attorney General C7

Energy Facilities Siting Board G12

Energy Programs, Housing J15

Energy Resources, Department of G11

Engineering Related Fields K19, L19

Engineers (Professional) and Land Surveyors, Board of Registration of K59

English as a Second Language E4

Enterprise Economic Development Program, Community J14

Enterprise Fund, Commonwealth A9

Entertainment License, Public K30

Environment/Energy Section G

Environmental Affairs, Executive Office of Energy and G1

Environmental Analysis, Division of G21

Environmental Bureau, Energy and C7

Environmental Code, State J6

Environmental Crimes Strike Force, Attorney General C7

Environmental Epidemiology H19

Environmental Health, Bureau of H19

Environmental Impact Reports G15

Environmental Information, Office of Geographic and G20

Environmental Laboratory Certification G21

Environmental Laboratories - Department of Public Health H47

Environmental Police, Massachusetts G13, K5, L26

Environmental Policy Act, Massachusetts G15

Environmental Protection Division, Attorney General C7

Environmental Protection, Massachusetts Department of G3

Environmental Strike Force:
    Attorney General C7
    Department of Environmental Protection G14

Environmental Toxicology H19





Epidemiology and Immunization, Division of H9

Equal Opportunity, Office of Diversity and F13

Equine Activities D9, K38

Equipment Lease/Loan Purchase Program A2

Escalators K17, L19


Esplanade/Hatch Memorial Shell, Summer Events G25, M8

Estate Recovery Unit S16

Estate Tax Unit - Department of Revenue P25

Estimated Tax Payments P17

Ethics Commission, State P10

Evaluation Division, Planning and - Department of Environmental Protection G3

Examinations, Civil Service F25

Excise Tax Corrections - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23

Excise Tax Information and Referral N2

Excise Tax Unit for Special Fuels - Department of Revenue K15, P26, Q11

Executive Bureau, Attorney General C7

Executive Office for Administration and Finance P1

Executive Office of Education B9, E1a

Executive Office of Elder Affairs O1

Executive Office of Energy and Evironmental Affairs G1

Executive Office of Health and Human Services S1

Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development A1, J1

Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development F1

Executive Office of Public Safety and Security L1

Executive Office of Technology Services and Security P13

Exotic Animal Permit G17, K22

Explosives, Handle/Manufacture/Storage/Transportation of K20, L15

Export Center, Massachusetts A5

Express Lane/On-line Services - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q21

Extension Partnership, Massachusetts Manufacturing A23

Extension Services, Regional and County Agricultural H2

Exterminators G26, K21

E-Z Pass-Fastlane Transponders Q28

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