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D Section Consumer

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Dairies and Dairy Products/Services D11, K13


Dam Safety, Office of G38

Dancing Schools K30

D.A.R.E. Program L10

Data Bank, Municipal - Department of Revenue P27

Data Center, State P29

Data Management - Department of Education E10

Dating Violence Intervention and Prevention, Teen E23

Day Care Financial Assistance J14

Day Care Licensing B8

Day Care Services - Department of Children and Families S4

Day Care for Seniors O2






    Urban Parks and Recreation G25, M10
    MassParks G26, M9
    Bike Paths and Maps M2
    Reservation and Historic Site Division M10

DCS A22, F17


Debt Collection D9

Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Massachusetts Commission for the H16

Deaf, Rehabilitation Services for the H29

Dealer/Repair and Farm Registration and License Plates Q23

Death Records H38, K4

Deeds, Registry of N17

Deferred Compensation Plan C8

Deleading F6

Demographic and Economic Data P29

Dentists and Dental Hygienists, Board of Registration of K79


DEP Information Line G3

Department of Agricultural Resources, Massachusetts D11, G2, K13

Department of Business Development A2

Department of Career Services A22, F17

Department of Children and Families S4

Department of Correction L5

Department of Conservation and Recreation G24
    Urban Parks and Recreation G25, M10
    MassParks G26, M9
    Bike Paths and Maps M2
    Reservation and Historic Site Division M10

Department of Criminal Justice Information Services L11

Department of Developmental Services H49

Department of Early Education and Care B1

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Massachusetts E3

Department of Environmental Protection G3

Department of Fire Services, Massachusetts L16

Department of Fish and Game G16
    Division of Fisheries and Wildlife G17, M7
    Division of Marine Fisheries G18, M8
    Office of Fishing and Boating Access G34, M5

Department of Higher Education E28

Department of Housing and Community Development J2

Department of Industrial Accidents F41

Department of Labor F2

Department of Mental Health H47

Department of Public Health, Massachusetts H1

Department of Public Safety L2

Department of Public Utilities:
    Administration R1
    Consumer Division D26, G10, R2
    Gas Division R3
    Electric Power Division R4
    Pipeline Division R8
    Transportation Division R5
    Water Division R6

Department of Revenue:
    Administration P16
    Abatements P17
    Advocate/Problem Resolution P21
    Appeals P18
    Child Support Enforcement Division P22
    Criminal Investigation P24
    Estate Tax P25
    Property Tax Bureau P27

Department of State Police L27

Department of Telecommunications and Cable R7

Department of Transitional Assistance S6

Department of Transportation, Massachusetts Q1

Department of Veterans Services S21

Department of Workforce Development F2

Department of Youth Services L7

Desegregation Planning E14

Designer Selection Board P8

Detective Agencies License K14

Detective Unit, State Police - Attorney General's Office C7

Determination of Need Program H43

Development Finance Agency, Massachusetts A16, J20

Development Finance Corporation, Massachusetts Community A12

Developmental Disabilities Council, Massachusetts H34

Developmental Services, Department of H49

Devens Enterprise Commission A19



Diabetes Control and Prevention H15

Diagnostic Microbiology H45

Diagnostically-Related Group Classification Discrimination H42

Diesel Fuel Permits/Excise K15, P26, Q11

Dietitians and Nutritionists K53

Dig Safe Call Center R9

Direct Loan/Guarantee Programs - Business Development A16, J20

Disability Determination Services, Division of F13

Disability, Massachusetts Office on H31

Disability - Employment F11 F14

Disabled Persons Protection Commission H33

Disabled / Handicapped
    Employment F11 F14
    License Plates and Placards RMV Q23
    Reduced Passes to State Forests and Parks G26, M9
    Reduced Passes for the MBTA Q19
    The Ride Q20
    Services for H29-H34

Disadvantaged Businesses A6, J16

Discount Tunnel Passes for Residents Q27

Discrimination, Massachusetts Commission Against:
    Credit D12
    Education E8
    Employment F15
    Housing J11
    Public Accommodation D12

Dislocated/Displaced Workers A24-A25

Dispensing Opticians, Board of Registration of K54

Displaced Homemakers A24

Dispute Resolution, Office of:
    Office of Administration and Finance/UMass. P2
    Department of Revenue P21

Distributors of Pesticide Products H27

Diversity and Equal Opportunity, Office of F16

Division of Administrative Law Appeals P2

Division of Animal Health K38

Division of Apprentice Training F10

Division of Banks, Massachusetts D9

Division of Capital Asset Management P7

Division of Community Services J14

Division of Conservation Services G27

Division of Crop and Pest Services K21

Division of Disability Determination Services F13

Division of Ecological Restoration G41

Division of Environmental Analysis G21

Division of Epidemiology and Immunization H9

Division of Fire Safety L17

Division of Fisheries and Wildlife G17, M7

Division of Forensic Mental Health H48

Division of Forest and Parks G26, M9, O5

Division of Health Care Finance and Policy H53, S18

Division of Health Care Quality D20, D21, H41

Division of Health Professions Licensure K79

Division of Hearings - Department of Transitional Assistance S2

Division of Inspection - Public Safety L21

Division of Insurance D14

Division of Local Mandates - Auditor C15

Division of Local Services - Department of Revenue P27

Division of Marine Fisheries G18, K40, M8

Division of Medical Assistance - Long Term Care Services O1

Division of Medical Assistance - MassHealth/Medicaid S15

Division of Municipal Services G7

Division of Perinatal, Early Childhood and Special Health Needs B15, H23

Division of Prevention and Wellness H15

Division of Primary Care and Health Care Access H12

Division of Professional Licensure K46

Division of Public Housing J12

Division of Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention H8

Division of Standards D27

Division of State Parks and Recreation G26, M9

Division of Tuberculosis Prevention and Control H10

Division of Urban Parks and Recreation G25, M2, M10

Division of Violence and Injury Prevention B18, H13, H14

Division of Water Supply Protection G5

Division of Watershed Management G36

Divorces, Index of H38, K4

Doctors/Physicians/Specialists K78


Dog License K30

Dog - Guard Dog Businesses K38

Domestic Violence Programs - Department of Public Health H13

Domestic Violence Registry, Statewide L13




DRG Classification Discrimination H42

Drinking Water Supply Facility Operators, Board of Registration of. K55

Driver Alcohol Re-education Programs H5

Driver's License - Registry of Motor Vehicles:
    Commercial Driver's License Q30
    Commercial Road Test Q30
    Conversions from other states Q22
    Optional Commercial Driver's License Written Exam Site Q29
    Passenger Car Road Tests Q22
    Passenger Car Written Tests Q22

Driver's Records - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23

Driving Records, Merit Rating Board L32

Driving Schools, Professional Q23

Dropout Prevention Remedial Skills, Chapter 188 E3

Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program L10

Drug Analysis H45

Drug Control Program H28

Drug Formulary Commission H28

Drug Rehabilitation Conselor License K48

Drug Rehabilitation Services H5

Drug-Free Schools E23

Drunk Driving Laws Q24

Dry Cleaning Establishments G6




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