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C Section Constitutional Officers

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Cable Cars L19

Cable TV D8, R7

Call Center for Citizen and Corporate Information N2

Callahan Tunnel, William F.
    General Oversight: Q28
    State Police: Q29

Campaign and Political Finance, Office of N5

Campground Reservations G25, M8

Campgrounds, Health Standards for H21

Cancer Prevention and Control H15

Cancer Registry, Massachusetts H41

Cannabis Control Commission D19

Cannon Firing K20

Canteen Trucks K30

Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, Division of P7

Capital Resource Company, Massachusetts A12

Car Dealerships, New, Used and Junk K30

Car Seat Safety B6



Career and Technical Education E12

Career Development for Teachers E23

Career Services, Department of A21, F14

Carnival Rides K2, L19

Carousels K2, L19

Carpentry, Stuctural K12

Carpentry, Trim K26

Carpools/Ride Sharing Q10

Castle Island/Conley Terminal Q3

Cat License K30

Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund B15, H23

Caterers K30

Cattle Dealers G2, K38

CDCs A9, J16

CDFC A9, J16


Census Information (federal and state) P29-P30

Center for Health Information and Analysis H39

Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel (Big Dig)
   General Oversight Q28
    State Police Q29

Central Register N17

Central Reprographics P6

Certificate of Competency - Blasters/Cannon Firing/Extinguishers/Fireworks K20

Certificate of Good Standing:
    Corporation Division N3
    Department of Revenue P17

Certificate of Need H45

Certificate of Registration - Fire Extinguisher Servicing/Testing K20

Certification of Teachers/Educators E22

Certification Unit, State Police K14

Certified Cesspool and Septic Systems Inspectors G3

Certified Court Documents- Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23

Certified Health Officers K60

Cesspool and Septic Systems Inspectors, Certified G3


Chair Lifts K2, L19

Challenge Courses K2, L19

Chapter 91 G30

Chapter 188 Education E3

Chapter 622 Education E3

Chapter 667 Elderly Low-Income Housing Program J12

Chapter 688, Turning 22 Program:
    Education E21
    Vocational Training F9

Chapter 689 Housing for People with Special Needs J12

Chapter 705 Family Low-Income Housing Program J12

Chapter 707 Housing J12

Chapter 727 Education E3

Chapter 766 Education E3

Charitable Corporations/Organizations/Non-Profits:
    Registration with Attorney General Public Charities Division C7
    Registration with Secretary of State Corporation Division N3

Charitable Gaming Division - Lottery Commission C10

Charities Division, Public - Attorney General C7

Charter Schools and School Redesign E13

Check Cashiers D7, K10

Chelsea Soldier's Home S20


Chief Medical Examiner, Office of L20

Child Abuse and Neglect Unit Division B2

Child Advocate, Office of the B1, S5

Child Care Capital Investment Fund - Business Development J17

Child Care Day Care Resources (and licensing) B8

Child Labor Laws F3, F4

Child Nutrition Programs B21, B22, E17, H24

Child Passenger Safety Program B6

Child Support Enforcement Division P22

Child-At-Risk Hotline B2

Childhood Injury Prevention Program B20, H14

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program H48, K29

Children Section B

Children and Families, Department of S4

Children Ineligible for Medicaid B15

Children Relief Fund, Catastrophic Illness in B15, H23

Children and Youth with Special Health Needs, Division for B18, H23

Children, Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to B3

Children, Youth and Families, Office of S4

Children's Medical Security Plan B14

Children's Protective Services B3

Children's Trust Fund B10

Chiropractors, Board of Registration of K51


Cigarette/Cigar License/Excise K9, P26


Cities and Towns Municipal Grants Program (Underground Storage Tanks) P28

Citizen Information Service - Secretary of the Commonwealth N2

Civic Center, Springfield A26

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Division - Attorney General C7

Civil Service Commission F26

Civil Service Employment F25

Claims - DUA, Interstate F29

Clearinghouse for Educational Research and Data E3

Climbing Walls K2, L19

Clinics, Medical Licensing H43

CLPPP H48, K29


CNG Installations K20

Coast Guide: Access to Public Open Spaces Along the Shoreline, Mass. G29

Coastal Zone Management, Massachusetts Office of G6

Coffee and Tea Houses K30

Coin Dealers K30

Coin-Operated Machinery D27

Cold Storage Facilities H27

Collection Agencies D7, K10

Collective Purchasing P6

College Equivalency Program/College Level Examination Program E26

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Massachusetts O3

College Savings Program, Massachusetts 529 E29

Color TV Receivers, Regulation of H54


COMMBUYS Helpline P6

Commercial Driver's License K16, Q23

Commercial Fisheries Bureau G18

Commercial Motor Vehicles - Public Utilities R5

Commercial Printers G3

Commercial Vehicles, Weights and Dimensions Q23, Q28

Commission Against Discrimination, Massachusetts D10, E7, F12, J11

Commission for the Blind, Massachusetts H6

Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Massachusetts H16

Commission on Indian Affairs, Massachusetts J8

Commission on Radiologic Technicians H54

Commissioner of Probation, Office of L11

Commissions Section, Public Records Division N12

Common Carrier Certificates D25, Q14

CommonCents P11

Commonwealth Corporation A23

Commonwealth Enterprise Fund A9

Commonwealth Fusion Center L13

Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority D17, S15

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees Charitable Campaign F24

Commonwealth Museum M12, N7

Commonwealth Print Services P6

Commonwealth Security, Office of L13

Commonwealth Zoological Corporation M10

Commonwealth, Secretary of the C6, N1

Communicable, Infectious, Sexually Transmitted and Tuberculosis Disease H7-H10

Community Assessment Program H19

Community Development Action Grants A9, J16

Community Development Corporations J14

Community Development Finance Corporation, Massachusetts A9, J16

Community Development, Department of Housing and J2

Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation J17

Community Enterprise Economic Development Program J14

Community Food and Nutrition Program J14

Community Garden Program G2

Community Health and Prevention, Bureau of H11

Community Health Services H11-H15

Community Health Workers K79

Community Living Division H29, S12

Community Right-to-Know Law G3, H19

Community Sanitation Program H21

Community Services Block Grant J14

Community Services, Division of J14

    MassRIDES (carpooling) Q10
    MBTA Q15
    Boat/Rail/Subway Schedules and Routes Q16

Complaints Involving Law Enforcement Officers C7, L28

Complaints Involving Lawyers K28

Compliance Bureau - Department of Revenue P23

Composting Program G2

Comprehensive Employment and Training Act A21

Comprehensive Permits J13

Comptroller, Office of the P11

Conciliation and Arbitration, Board of F32

Concrete Technicians/Concrete-Testing Laboratories K11

Conflict of Interest Issues P10

Congregate Housing Program O2

Conley Terminal/Castle Island Q3

Conservation and Recreation, Department of G24

Conservation Restrictions on Property G24

Conservation Services, Division of G24

Constituent Services, Governor's Office of C3

Constitutional Officers - Section C, C1

Construction Supervisors K12

Consumer - Section D

Consumer Advocacy and Response Division D3

Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation, Office of:
    Administration D1
    Consumer Assistance D2
    Division of Banks D7
    Division of Insurance D12
    Home Improvement Contractors D11

Consumer Assistance and Public Information Unit - Division of Banks D7

Consumer Complaint and Information Section - Attorney General C7, D3

Consumer Complaints, Public Utilities
    Administration G10, R1
    Consumer Division D26, R2
    Gas Division R3
    Electric Power Division R4
    Pipeline Division R8
    Transportation Division R5
    Water Division R6

Consumer Credit D7

Consumer Mediation Service, Local - Attorney General C7

Continuing Education - Senior Citizens O2

Contract Carrier Permits D25, Q14

Contractor Bond Support Program, Minority and Women's A9, J16

Contractor Pre-Qualification P7

Contractor, Construction License K12

Contributory Retirement Appeal Board F20

Controlled Substance Licensing H28

Convention Center Authority, Massachusetts A26

Convention Center, John B. Hynes A26

Coordinating Aging Rehabilitation Disability Services Project O2

Cooperative Extension Service H2


Coroner's Office, State L20

Corporate Day Care License B8

Corporate Excise Tax A19, P23

Corporation, Commonwealth A23

Corporations Division A18, N3

Correction, Department of L4

Correctional Industries, Massachusetts L5

Correctional Settings, Standards for H21

Correspondence Schools D21, E32

Corruption, Fraud and Computer Crime Division -Attorney General C7

Cosmetic Safety H27

Cosmetologists - Board of Registration of K52

Councils on Aging O1-O2

County Extension Services H2

Court Clinics H50

Court Documents, Certified - Registry of Motor Vehicles Q23


Crane Operators K19, L19

Credit Grantors D7

Credit Unions D7

Crime Reporting Unit - Massachusetts State Police L22

Criminal Bureau - Attorney General C7

Criminal History Systems Board L9

Criminal Investigation Bureau - Department of Revenue P24

Criminal Justice Information Services, Department of L9

Criminal Records L9-L11

Crop and Pest Services, Division of D9, G2



Curriculum Frameworks, Massachusetts E6

Customer Service Bureau - Department of Revenue P17

Cultural Council, Massachusetts E35


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