Standard subject terms have been assigned to each document that accurately reflect the contents of that document.  A full list of searchable, subject terms are available in the drop-down menu.  The user must consult the Thesaurus in order to view the list of established subject terms with cross-references to related terms and occasional notes on usage.

For example, the user is unable to search for the term “Theft.” By consulting the Thesaurus the established term “Larceny” will be cross-referenced.  Only those subject terms found in the drop-down list and Thesaurus are searchable within the Massachusetts Archives Database.

Native American Tribe Names

Native American tribe names also appear in the subject field.  These include not only those tribes that resided within the present-day borders of Massachusetts, but also Indian tribes more frequently associated with other geographic locations in New England, New York, and Canada.  Occasionally the same Indian tribe was given several different names, in which case a single name has been established as a standard.  Also, confederations of Indians such as the “Five Nations” have been assigned standard terms.  Users should consult the Thesaurus to locate established standards.