Massachusetts Historical Commission - 2006 Preservation Award Winners
Pine Hawk Site Public Archaeology Project - Acton
Pine Hawk Site Public Archaeology Project - Acton

Education & Outreach

Archaeologists discovered the Pine Hawk archaeological site in 1999 during their excavations at the future site of a wastewater treatment facility. Native Americans occupied the site during the Middle to Late Archaic and Middle Woodland periods (about 7500 to 1000 years ago). Archaeologists recovered stone tools, Native American pottery, and the remains of ancient hearths containing evidence that this site was used as an autumn campsite.

After the data recovery program at the site was completed and all compliance and mitigation obligations had been satisfied, Doug Halley and the Friends of Pine Hawk launched an impressive outreach program to educate the community about the site and promote the value of the archaeological project to the general public.

The main component of the project is an exhibit in the town hall funded by the town using Community Preservation Act funds. The display includes a video presentation about the people who once inhabited the area and the excavations at the Pine Hawk Site. The program also includes a website, school programs, and traveling exhibits. The work of the Friends of Pine Hawk should be a model for other communities to educate residents about archaeology in their home town.

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