Records Conservation Board



  1. The Board shall hold its regular meetings on the first Wednesday of each month, unless voted otherwise, and, when necessary, the Chair may call Special Meetings.
  2. The Board will not accept documents for action at a regular meeting that are not received by the Secretary at least 10 business days prior to the day of the meeting. For the purposes of a particular meeting, and for emergencies only, this rule may temporarily be waived by a majority vote of the Board present at the regular meeting.*
  3. All applications for Disposal Schedules must be accompanied by sufficient copies of all records listed thereon for the purposes of consideration by the Board.
  4. When an agency submits an application for Destruction Permission, on Form RCB-2, listing records that are required to be microfilmed before the originals may be destroyed, the Board, before approving the RCB-2, shall require assurance that the microfilming, as stipulated in the applicable Disposal Schedule(s) has, in fact, been done.
  5. All applications for Disposal Schedule and Destruction Permission must be submitted in triplicate.
  6. All applications for Disposal Schedule must be accompanied by any statutory requirements for retention of the records listed thereon.
  7. The Records Conservation Board will not consider any applications for Disposal Schedule unless a representative of the submitting agency, with knowledge of the contents of the records involved, their use and the operation of the agency, is present at the meeting at which the application is discussed.
  8. Applications for Disposal Schedule must be accompanied by a written statement to inform the Board if any records listed thereon are known to be in the records of any other agency or agencies, and, if so, specifying what agency or agencies hold them, or if the information contained in the records listed thereon is recorded in another form, in whole or in part, and if so, (a) in what form (s) ; (b) in what place (s) ;’ (c) how long these other records are kept by the holding agency, and (d) the number of any approved Disposal Schedule on which they are listed.
  9. Master microfilms of original copies of state records shall be permanent records and may not be destroyed.

* Amended, November 7, 1985


As voted at Meetings of February 2, February 9, March 20 and March 27, 1973.


  1. The Board shall have a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer. The Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be elected annually, at the first regular meeting of the Board in each calendar year, to serve for a term of one year, or until their successors shall be elected.
  2. The Treasurer of the Records Conservation Board shall be the Commissioner of Administration's designee on the Board.
  3. In the event of a vacancy in any office of the Board, a special election shall be held to fill the office.
  4. A quorum of the Board shall comprise four members of the Board or their designees, who may accomplish all business before the Board.
  5. The Board may request the presence at its meetings of any official or employee of the Commonwealth it considers may be helpful to its deliberations.
  6. The Meetings of the Board shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, with the Board having the option of suspending or amending the rules whenever it is deemed necessary by them.
  7. The Secretary of the Board shall be its Parliamentarian.
  8. The Board shall hold its regular meetings on the first Wednesday of each month, unless voted otherwise, and, when necessary, the Chairman may call Special Meetings.
  9. Policy decisions of the Board shall be recorded in full in the Minutes, and maintained separately.
  10. All procedural rules passed by the Board shall be labelled either "Internal" or "External" in accordance with their application to the procedures imposed by the Board on other State Agencies or to the procedures imposed by the Board on its members and staff.
  11. The reasons, if any, for retention periods, or changes therein, made by the Records Conservation Board, shall be written on the file copy of each Disposal Schedule.
  12. One set of signed approved copies of Forms RCB-1 and RCB-2 shall be sent to the State Records Center.